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MLB: A Look at the Top of Every AL Team’s Christmas List

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays out there to everyone who celebrates! In case you missed it, here is a look at what is at the top of every National League Team’s Christmas list. Now for a look at the American League.

Baltimore Orioles- Find a Suitor for Dylan Bundy

There is no other way around it, this team is going to struggle next year. They are in the MLB’s toughest division and they are doing a complete rebuild. The pieces they’ve added so far are promising but, most of them are still a little ways out. With that said, they need to try to add a little more for Dylan Bundy. It is more likely that he is a trade deadline candidate but, once the dust has settled with Dallas Kuechel, Corey Kluber and more, then the Orioles need to try and pounce. Grabbing even one top 100 prospect for Bundy would be nice but unlikely. At this point, they should try to find some projects with high ceilings and ask for them.

Boston Red Sox- Sign Jonathan Lucroy

It is no secret that the 2018 World Series Champions could use some help behind the plate. Sandy Leon and Christian Vazquez just aren’t getting it done batting wise. While Lucroy is not a massive upgrade he still is much better. He is also a great defensive catcher which means by signing him the Red Sox aren’t losing anything behind the plate defensively. If Lucroy can hit .250 with 10+ bombs then Boston fans should be extremely happy.

Chicago White Sox- Harper or Bust

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While the rumors of Manny Machado are nice, the White Sox desperately need help in the outfield. They have the money and it is clear that their rebuild is nearing the middle stages as they have added pieces like Ivan Nova, Alex Colome and Yonder Alonso. Convincing Harper that in a weak AL East that they can compete in 2020 is not out the question. They possibly could compete in 2019 if the Twins fall short again and the Indians continue to make confusing trades. Chicago needs to shell out their money and make it happen.

Cleveland Indians- Keeping Corey Kluber and Trevor Bauer

This team certainly still has talent and should be poised to make another run due to the AL Central probably being the worst division in baseball. Their pitching staff is easily one of the best in the MLB, evident of their four players finishing with 200+ strikeouts. By trading away Kluber or Bauer they are losing an integral piece that will probably not be worth what they are getting back, at least not yet.

Detroit Tigers- Find a Suitor for Nick Castellanos

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It is clear that they are trying to trade him and there should be a much bigger market than there appears to be for Castellanos. His bat would provide any team in need of a corner outfielder or third baseman some solid production. He is still only 26 and while he will be a free agent after this year, the Tigers should be able to get at least one higher tier prospect for him with some projects thrown in as well.

Houston Astros- Pony up for Realmuto

This is still one of the best teams in the MLB and by adding Michael Brantley they made themselves that much more intimidating. There is only one true hole in their lineup and it is at the catcher position. While losing someone like Kyle Tucker might sting a bit this is a deal they must make. If they do, there may not be a team in the MLB that can stop the Astros from continuing their dynasty.

Kansas City Royals- Sign Cody Allen

This bullpen could use some love and an anchor. While Cody Allen struggled a bit and got lost in the Indians bullpen he could come to Kansas City to find himself. It is likely that they could get him relatively cheap and if nothing else they could use him at the trade deadline to bring in some more prospects to continue their rebuild.

Los Angeles Angles- Start Preparing for the Long-Term Future

Mike Trout MVP
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Angels fans are going to hate hearing this, but Mike Trout probably has two more seasons with this team. This is only because the Front Office continues to sign and trade for old players with big contracts. Their farm system has gotten better recently but those players probably won’t be in LA while Trout is. If they wanted to show Trout that they were serious about contending they would start to retool now, but not fully rebuild. They have pieces that teams would want and they could grab some players who are in the upper minor leagues to try and prepare for a run in 2020. Sadly for Angels fans, it is hard to see them getting past the Astros, Athletics and even the Mariners with the roster they have now.

Minnesota Twins- Sign Adam Jones

While Jones is definitely past his prime, he could add some much-needed depth to this young Twins outfield. He can play every position in the outfield and even bring some experience to a very young roster. If he could help Byron Buxton finally reach even half his potential through mentoring him then this move will pay dividends.

New York Yankees- Machado Time

There isn’t much else to say about this move. The Yankees have the money and it is clear that Manny Machado would love to be a Yankee. Adding him to this lineup make losing Didi Gregorius much easier and it will make many believe this is truly Murderer’s Row 2.0.

Oakland Athletics- Sign Yasmani Grandal

There is no doubt this team needs catching help badly. Their team is extraordinarily young and talented, again. This means that they also have nearly nothing on the payroll, so adding someone like Grandal would be relatively easy. If they add him they get a great bat to put next to Kris Davis and a pitcher that is known for being a great pitch framer.

Seattle Mariners- Sign Kelvin Herrera

After trading Edwin Diaz to the Mets, this team could use a major upgrade in the bullpen. Kelvin Herrera can do something that all teams want badly, he can throw really fast. He also comes with a 2.82 career ERA. Adding him will at least make this Mariners team competitive for a Wild Card spot.

Tampa Bay Rays- Surprise the World and Sign Kimbrel

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If the Red Sox are going to continue to play games with Craig Kimbrel then the Rays should go sign him. They won 90 games and because they play in a stacked division they still didn’t make the playoffs. There is one very clear weakness after trading Alex Colome and that is the bullpen. Adding Kimbrel makes this team frightening even for the Yankees and Red Sox.

Texas Rangers- Continue to Add Talent

The Rangers are playing during a time when the American League is so stacked at the top that it may be best to wait it out a couple years. The Astros and Athletics are young and only getting better. The Yankees, Red Sox, Rays, and Indians also all look primed for at least a couple more good years. So as long as the Rangers can play the waiting game and garner good young talent they should be able to start really competing again in a couple years.

Toronto Blue Jays- Wait to Trade Stroman

The Blue Jays are lucky the Orioles are pretty bad. Otherwise, they would very clearly be at the bottom of the division. This team lacks identity and while they have some incredible talent waiting in the wings, they need to try to add to it. Marcus Stroman had a rough year in 2018, so his value has decreased. The Jays need to wait until sometime in the summer for him to rebound and then ship him off to continue adding top-tier talent.


What do you think of your team’s top wish from their Christmas list? Let us know in the comments or on social media. We hope that you and your family have a wonderful holiday season.

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