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Madden 22: Most Overrated Philadelphia Eagles

Madden 22 Philadelphia Eagles

The Madden 22 ratings have finally been unveiled. As always, there are some questionable ratings for players on every single team. In this series, TGH writers will give their opinions on the most overrated and underrated players on each roster

Here are the players on the Philadelphia Eagles that have been the most overrated by Madden 22

Jalen Reagor 

Jalen Reagor started 2020 as a breakout receiver for the Eagles early on. He was bringing in production in yardage and helped the Eagles convert on key downs and bringing the ball up the field. He even had a couple of catches in the end zone. One was a touchdown pass from Carson Wentz early on in the season. It was quick out route a yard or two out from the end zone. The same route was ran for his two-point conversion he caught later on in the season. The Eagles really capitalized on his quickness with the routes they gave him. He caught a lot of screen passes where he avoided and juked out defenders to get close to a first down or even converted it. Reagor also does well in the long passing game, he uses his speed and route running ability to break away from defenders.

As seen above, Reagor can do a lot of good things for this offense. The reason Reagor is overrated is because he lacks consistency. This was a problem for the Eagles wide outs all year in 2020. If he would have played the same at the end of the season, then 2020 could have been a very different story in Philadelphia.

Madden Rating: 73

Adjusted Rating: 70 (-3)

Avonte Maddox

Avonte Maddox helped the Eagles a lot in the 2020 season, as he started a lot of games with the secondary being thin for the Eagles. According to Pro Football Focus, Maddox was graded overall  a 37.8 as a cornerback in the NFL. He had 38 solo tackles on the season and 3 assists. He also had 3 pass break ups throughout the whole season in 2020. When quarterbacks passed in Maddox’s Direction they had a 102-passing rating against him, which is a pretty high percentage. Maddox had 29 receptions allowed on 47 targets to him.

Madden 22 Philadelphia Eagles
Photo courtesy of G Fiume/Getty Images

The Eagles secondary has upgraded since the 2020 season, and he may not get as much playing time. This is not to say that he is bad player by any means, if it was not for Maddox, the Eagles secondary could have been a lot worse. Last year was only his 3rd year in the NFL, so Maddox is still young and will only get better.

Madden Rating: 77

Adjusted  Rating 74 (-3)

Zach Ertz 

Before going into him being overrated, Zach Ertz was one of the best tight ends in Eagle’s history and will be remembered as such. Ertz is known to be a big reliable pass catcher and shred defenders off with his size. The Eagles tight end could also help the Eagles out in the RedZone with his ability to overpower defenders and get his hands on the ball. He really fell off the map in the 2020 season. He had 335 receiving yards and 1 touchdown. Ertz had 67 targets thrown to him and caught 36 of those passes. Ertz is graded 57. 3 overall as a tight end on pro football focus.

As I said with Reagor earlier on in this article, he lacked consistency when it came crunch time later in the season. This could be due to several factors, such has him wanting out of Philadelphia and the drama surrounding the Eagles in the 2020 season. He will more than likely get traded soon, as the Eagles need to make move with him. These are the most overrated players for the Philadelphia Eagles in Madden 22.

Madden Rating: 80

Adjusted Rating: 77 (-3)

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