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Khabib Nurmagomedov Calls It Quits After Win

The Eagle Flies High

Khabib Nurmagomedov called it wuits after winning his last fight. There was a lot of hype building up for his fight against Justin Gaethje since Justin was coming off a dominant win against Tony Ferguson. He showed a lot of skill and capability in that fight and many thought it would be a strong test on Khabib. Nurmagomedov has always been a strong fighter and among the best; he showed it yesterday with 2nd round submission victory.

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Flying Away As A Legend

After defeating Gaethje, Khabib got his privacy as he kneels on the canvas in tears. With the recent passing of his father, this was an emotional fight for Khabib and his family. It was expected that Khabib fights hard and be extremely tough since he has a lot to fight for. Finishing his career 29-0 and lightweight champion of the world, Nurmagomedov ranks as the number 1 pound for pound fighter too. Many people believe he will come back out of retirement to fight Conor McGregor. However, he values his family and promised his mom it will be his last fight. Khabib also promised his dad to defend his title and this may have been the last time he does it. Also, he doesn’t seem interested in running it back with McGregor.

What’s Next For Khabib

Considering that Khabib is going through an extremely tough time, Dana White and the UFC will give some space to him. Khabib’s mind is very delicate right now and they don’t wish to apply any pressure on top of what he has to deal with already. Conor McGregor has also tweeted out his respect and saying that he will not come at Khabib anymore. Becoming a coach/trainer could be what’s next for The Eagle; working with his dad’s gym could be something he seeks in the future.

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