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How Does Jimmy Butler Fit in at Miami?

All-Star Jimmy Butler has been a part of a sign-and-trade deal. This deal will be sending him to the Miami Heat where he will be signing a max contract.

Butler, an eight-year veteran, has had a somewhat volatile career so far. Whether it was in Chicago where he did not get along well with some teammates and then coach Fred Hoiberg; or in Minnesota where he always seemed to be getting into altercations with his teammates for not stepping up.

Why Miami?

Aside from Miami being a beautiful location, as well as Butler getting a max contract, many are questioning his reasoning to move to the Heat.Jimmy Butler Miami

For one thing, Butler has wanted to be in Miami since he played on the Timberwolves. There were some problems getting him there and that resulted in Butler going to the 76’ers instead. But it’s been known that Butler has wanted to be with the Heat for some time now.

Another reason could be that, in true Butler form, this will make him the team’s first option.

Looking at the current Miami Heat roster there are zero big-time names. Since the 2007 season, the Heat have had one All-Star selection not named LeBron James, Chris Bosh, or Dwyane Wade. That selection was Goran Dragic in the 2017 season. Butler, a four-time All-Star, comes in and is immediately the best player on this team without question.

Butler could be the man to lead this team to a playoff stint. In today’s NBA with seemingly everyone trying to form a super team, Butler seems to be aiming to do it in the toughest way possible. Alone.

Finally, another reason could be fan support. The way the Heat fans have shown love to their stars is incredible. With Jimmy coming in and potentially being a catalyst to turn the team around, that is a very attractive idea on top of everything else.

Potential Problems

There are a lot of problems that Butler could face with this team though. The biggest one though comes down to winning.

One of his biggest complaints with being on the Timberwolves that seemingly nobody was trying.

Butler is maniacal. It’s as if Kobe Bryant took his mind and gave it to Butler. There is an intense urge to win at all costs with him.Jimmy Butler Miami

So, if the team isn’t winning, or isn’t putting in whatever Butler believes to be 100% effort where does that leave them? With Butler throwing fits at his team and the organization again.

Another problem that he could face is being the only star on the team for some time. Miami has not been a free agent destination since the Big 3 played there. They have struggled in the Eastern Conference since then and have been an all around under the radar team.

If no free agents want to play there and Jimmy is left stranded without a ring that could be devastating to him. Especially entering the latter part of his career.

If Jimmy Butler wants to fit in with the Miami Heat he is going to have to leave room for some growing pains. He is going to have to understand that winning a championship right away will not happen. He is going to have to work with his teammates and coaches, instead of raging at them throughout the season.

Miami could wind up being the best move in Butler’s career, or he could wind up hating it. It all depends on his mindset coming into the team.


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