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How to Live Stream Sports at Home with the best VPN

Live sports has always been a great business. However, the broadcast rights of major sports events have been purchased by subscription channels. Not only that but also, only a few of the subscription channels offer online streaming of live sports. You may pay up for these subscription channels, yet, the blackouts can prevent you from enjoying live sports from the comforts of your home. The matter can worsen when you are traveling and cannot log in and watch live sports on the streaming channels. The thing about subscription channels is that they allow you to watch sports from one country. However, you won’t have to worry about anything anymore as we have you all covered with how you can bypass all these hurdles and enjoy live sports with a VPN.


Benefits of VPN for Live Streams

Sports broadcasters impose various restrictions on who can watch their live stream and from where. These restrictions are also known as regional delimitations (geo-locks). The excellent news about VPN is that it allows you to get around such geo-locks while getting a better subscription deal. In case you are wondering, VPN is the abbreviation for virtual private networks. The VPN service routes the internet traffic of your desktop computers or smartphone after encryption through your selected location. After connecting to the VPN, the streaming service cannot detect your actual location. The reason is that it only sees the area of the VPN and unblocks its regional restrictions accordingly. Read on to learn more about the top picks for the best VPNs for live sports streaming.



If you are on a budget and want to enjoy live sports without breaking your bank, NordVPN should be your ultimate choice. You can connect at least six devices to the service at one time. Additionally, NordVPN boasts its services by hosting 61 countries, including Canada and the USA. You can also benefit from the feature of “recommended server.” This feature calculates your area’s best server connection so that you enjoy live sports at the best transfer speed. If you want to bypass all sorts of regional restrictions, then NordVPN is your go-to VPN service.

You can install this VPN on a wide range of devices, including Android, macOS, iOS, Linux computers, etc. A minimum of 29 various routers can be downloaded. Above all, NordVPN is also great for torrent downloads. It is recommended to turn off the torrents downloads while you watch live sports as it will slow down the connection otherwise. This VPN offers a thirty-day money-back guarantee to its new customers. Click here for the NordVPN and learn more about it.



This VPN service also offers excellent speed, and it is considered ideal for the live-streaming of US sporting events. IPVanish boasts its services by hosting 60 countries. It is available for Windows, Android, Amazon Fire TV devices, iOS, and macOS. No matter how many devices you connect to IPVanish, the router install will count as just one connection. You can join at least five devices to this VPN service at one time. The IPVanish VPN server has over 400 servers in seventeen American cities. This VPN service offers a seven-day money-back guarantee to its new customers.

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