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How Patch 11.6 Should Affect the LPL

Patch 11.6 has recently hit the rift, and it brought many changes along with it. It is important to note that this will most likely be the patch that will be played in playoffs, at least the start of playoffs. While this article will be based on numbers and statistics, a lot of this is still speculation, so please keep that in mind. With that said, here is how Patch 11.6 should affect the LPL.

Top Lane

How Patch 11.6 Should Affect the LPL

Image Courtesy of Riot Games

Another patch and another nerf to Renekton. Despite him getting hit a couple of patches back, he continues to be a massive pick in the LPL. However, with these nerfs and the nerfs to Gnar, that opens up room for picks like Sion.

Sion has started creeping into the LPL top lane. Acting as a massive source of engage and an even bigger front line, Sion leads the charge and is already the seventh most popular top laner, despite not seeing much play before patch 11.3.


How Patch 11.6 Should Affect the LPL
Image Courtesy of Riot Games

A lot like Renekton before him, Udyr is another champion that continues to see play despite getting nerfed. While this patch doesn’t feature another nerf to him, it does have a nerf for Hecarim, the common counterpick to Udyr.

A big change is the set of buffs the jungle Volibear got. Last summer, he was the fourth most popular jungler, and he does fit the current jungle meta perfectly. While not able to compete with Udyr or Hecarim in clear speed, he does bring unique skills to the table, such as his ultimate which disables turrets.


Mid Lane

How Patch 11.6 Should Affect the LPL
Image Courtesy of Riot Games

Possibly the role with the most important changes this patch, Akali, Sylas and Leblanc all got buffs in this patch.

While none of these three are doing particularly well in the current long-range control mage meta, these are some of the favorite picks of many LPL mid laners. In fact, every single LPL mid laner has at least one of these three champions in their recent hero pool. While unlikely to become meta-defining picks, expect these three to come in as counter picks, especially during playoffs.

Bot Lane

How Patch 11.6 Should Affect the LPL
Image Courtesy of Riot Games

This time, both the carry role and the support role are going together, as the only direct change they received was a buff to Pyke, who is unlikely to see much play in the LPL. In the past, Cold was the only current support that ventured to play him, even when he was considered a strong pick.

With that, the bot lane meta should continue to be the same. Tristana and Kai’Sa will continue to reign supreme, with Alistar, Thresh, and Rell alongside side them in lane.


Meta Prediction

Top Side

Renekton may lose some priority but is unlikely to leave the top lane for good. Gnar is in a similar boat, as both serve as a fairly safe blind pick. It is important to note that the changes to teleport are good for split pushers, who often would use tp from the lane and didn’t use the homeguard bonus. The buff to the cooldown late game is also a nice change for split pushers. Expect to continue to see Jayce as a popular top laner.

Udyr and Hecarim will most likely continue to terrorize the jungle. Lilia got nerfed, so she might see less bans headed her way, ironically turning her into a more common pick. Lastly, Volibear might start peaking his head around the corner, especially alongside priority lanes, where he can easily pull off dives.

Orianna and Azir should continue to be the premium picks for the mid lane. Zoe will probably continue to see constant bans, and Viktor should continue to show up as a common mid laner. However, Leblanc and Sylas, who still do see play should now be in the back of people’s minds. They still do see picks every now and again, and coming off of their recent buffs, they might return. Lastly, Akali. Akali is a complicated pick in the LPL, due to the fact that so many mid and top laners are so proficient at her, that if she is viable she may just get banned. So either on the rift or in the bans, expect to see more of the Rogue Assassin.

Bot Side

As mentioned above, bot side should see little to no changes. Tristana and Kai’Sa should continue to be the premium carries, with Aphelios, Jinx and Xayah being the other common picks. In the support position, Alistar, Thresh and Rell will continue to be the most disputed pick. Gragas and Rakan will serve as situational picks, and come in as answers to certain comps or picks, but are unlikely to be disputed picks.

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