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Hagan’s Haus NFL Picks (Week 8)

Ties are one of the worst things in this world. Why can’t the NFL just eliminate ties like the rest of the sports in America? Yes, there are ties in soccer but in soccer it makes sense with the point system leagues use. The NFL needs to look at going to an overtime system similar to the one in the NCAA football. That is another topic for another day. Picking a game ending in a tie doesn’t make someone right but it doesn’t make someone wrong. In the end, it is a tie and that is how it will go on the record.

Right on par, the NFL showed everyone that it is still so unpredictable. The Vikings played their worst game of the season and looked pretty bad in Philly.  Buffalo has looked unstoppable but lost to a divisional rival ,Miami, who has looked like the worst team in the NFL at times this season. One of the last surprises wasn’t really a surprise. Atlanta went full… well Atlanta and they are repeating their formula from last season.

Week eight is a brand new week and it will be the largest bye week of the season so far with Baltimore, Los Angeles, Miami, New York (G), Pittsburgh, and San Francisco all missing in action this week. Here are the Hagan’s Haus week eight NFL picks.

Last Week Record: 8-6-1

Season Record: 59-44-1

Thursday Night

(Courtesy: Nike)
(Courtesy: Nike)

Jacksonville (2-4) 24 @ Tennessee (3-4) 27: The Titans lead the all-time series 24-19 against the Jaguars and this AFC South match-up is usually a dogfight. Nine of the last 10 games between the two have been decided by less than eight points and this game will be no different. The Titans have won four of the last five at home against Jacksonville. Tennessee has the better defense and being at home will give them just enough to get the big win.

Sunday Morning

Washington 22 (4-3) @ Cincinnati (3-4) 26: A.J. Green is quietly having a fantastic season. In just seven games, Green already has 50 receptions (first in the NFL), and 775 yards (second in the NFL).  The key match-up in this game will be seeing Green go up against Josh Norman. If Josh Norman can lock down A.J. Green, the Redskins will have a chance to win. Norman won’t be able to shut down Green.

New England (6-1) 32 @ Buffalo (4-3) 27: The Bills just lost to an inferior Dolphins team, but maybe it was because they were looking ahead to this game against Tom Brady. The Bills completely shut down the Patriots last time they played, but the Patriots were starting its third string quarterback. The Bills won that game 16-0. Tom Brady will not be shut out, nor will the Bills sweep the Patriots. The Bills haven’t swept the Patriots in a season since 1999. Tom Brady will not let that change this season.


New York (J) (2-5) 20 @ Cleveland (0-7) 17: Cleveland has a chance to win this week. Just kidding, they will go 0-8. The Jets are a pretty average football team, but average is enough to beat up on the Browns. This should be a relatively low scoring game because the Jets only average 17 points per game and the Browns average 18.6 points per game. The Jets win because they have a better defense.

Detroit (4-3) 27 @ Houston (4-3) 31: This will be one of the most competitive games of the week as both teams sit at 4-3. The Lions are a hot team right now and have won three straight games. After a tough Monday night in Denver for the Texans, they get to go home where they are 4-0. Until it is proven they can lose at home, it will be hard to pick against them.

Kansas City (4-2) 30 @ Indianapolis (3-4) 21: Andy Reid is such a good coach that he is often forgotten about. Consistency is what you get with Andy Reid and maybe one day he will get the Super Bowl he deserves. This week Reid will be looking to beat the Colts. The Chiefs defense is too good for the Colts offensive line. Andrew Luck will get hit a bunch in this game and it will show when the final seconds tick off.


Seattle (4-1-1) 23 @ New Orleans (2-4) 16: Pete Carroll and the Settle Seahawks just kissed their sister. The NFL seriously needs to look at getting rid of ties. The Saints come into this game giving up 32.5 points per game while the Seahawks are tied for first in scoring defense with 14 points per game. If the Saints want to win this game, they will have to count on their defense to keep them in it. That’s just not possible with this defense.

Oakland (5-2) 33 @ Tampa Bay (3-3) 28: It is fun to watch this AFC West race and the Raiders are at the top of it. Derek Carr is leading this young team like a seasoned veteran in just his third season. Carr has 13 touchdowns and just three interceptions. Because he is holding onto the football, the team is winning. The Buccaneers are a hard team to figure out. If they can find a way to stop turning the ball over, they would be better. The Raiders are a better team overall and that’s why they will win this game.

Arizona 23 (3-3-1) @ Carolina (1-5) 26: Before the season, the Cardinals had this game circled on their calendar. The Panthers completely beat them down in the NFC Championship 49-15. This is a trap game for the Cardinals. Last week’s tie may linger into this game for the Cardinals and the Panthers are also coming off of a bye. Time is running out on the Panthers to turn their season around and a desperate Cam Newton is scary. Cam finds a way to keep the Panthers on life support.

Sunday Afternoon

(Photo: John Leyba Denver Post)
(Photo: John Leyba Denver Post)

San Diego (3-4) 14 @ Denver (5-2) 23: These teams just played two weeks ago in a Thursday night shocker. Few, if any, predicted the Chargers would upset the Broncos and that is exactly what happened. That won’t happen again. The Broncos won’t lose at home to the Chargers. Denver’s defense will hold the Chargers to under 20 points to make a statement.

Green Bay (4-2) 35 @ Atlanta (4-3) 28: The Falcons are who we thought they were. The famous line from the great Dennis Green. Don’t ever get too high on the Falcons because just as soon as you do, they come back to reality. That’s what happened last week in their loss to the Chargers. Aaron Rodgers is going to put up video game numbers on this defense and the Packers win fairly easily in Atlanta.

Sunday Night


Philadelphia (4-2) 24 @ Dallas (5-1) 27: All eyes will be on the great rookie match-up of Carson Wentz versus Dak Prescott. The winner of this game will also be in first place in the NFC east. Both rookie quarterbacks have been playing well this season and both have a case for rookie of the year. This won’t be the only game in which they face one another, but it will go a long way in determining who the rookie of the year is. This dog fight will come down to a field goal. Dallas has the better kicker and will win because of it.

Monday Night 


Minnesota (5-1) 16 @ Chicago (1-6) 13: Injuries are starting to catch up with the Vikings, especially on the offensive line. If the Vikings can’t protect Sam Bradford, he will struggle, or worse, get hurt. The Bears always play the Vikings tough no matter how good or bad they are. Jay Cutler should start in this game and if the Vikings defense can lay some big hits on Cutler, he will turnover the football. The Vikings win this game in a tight defensive battle.

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