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The Greatest Football Trick Plays Ever

Is there anything more fun than a properly executed trick play on a football field? Here are some of my favorites.

It is one thing to run a trick play in week 8, it is another to do in the Super Bowl. That is exactly what former Steelers coach Bill Cowher did to salt away Super Bowl XL for his team. To have former college quarterback Antwaan Randle El hit Steelers legend Hines Ward in the end zone on a reverse pass was the perfect capper the Steelers dream playoff run. Trick plays are not run any better than this one, as seen on the NFL’s YouTube channel below.

Next is another Super Bowl gem. I consider it the gutsiest call ever. Trailing Peyton Manning and the Colts by four at halftime in Super Bowl XLIV, Saints coach Sean Payton went with the ultimate surprise onside kick. The Saints recovered and went on to win the Super Bowl. Think about though, had this not worked, Peyton Manning in his prime would have been given a short field and a second half lead in the Super Bowl. In other words, turn out the lights. It would have been career suicide for Peyton. Thankfully for him, it worked. You can watch Peyton’s finest hour below thanks to the LostNawlinsNative YouTube channel.

My last two trick plays are the toughest kind to pull off, the trick play at the end of the game that everyone knows is coming. In the 1999 AFC Wild Card game, the Bills kicked a field goal to take the lead from the Titans with under 20 seconds left to play. Tennessee needed a miracle and they got the “Music City Miracle.” Relive one of the most memorable and controversial plays ever below from Chris Lee’s YouTube channel. Interestingly, this sparked a run to the Super Bowl for the Titans. The Bills have not been back to the postseason since.

My last trick play is from college football, but I would be insane not to include it. It is referenced in the previous clip. In 1982 Stanford kicked a field goal to grab the lead from in state rival Cal and left the Golden Bears with enough time for only the kickoff. Somehow, Stanford’s band had wondered into the end zone preparing to celebrate. The band ended up unintentionally serving as lead blockers allowing Cal to pull off the biggest football miracle of all time. You can watch it and hear the awesome radio call below from the bosoxfan57757 YouTube channel.

You never know when those schoolyard football tactics will come in handy. Remember folks, never turn off the game until the clock hits triple zero.

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