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Daily Fantasy Summoner 2020 Week 7 Day 2

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Daily Fantasy Summoner LEC Saturday Week 7

How the Cheat sheet works: Players are tiered based on likelihood of winning their match-up and in high team kill games, which correlates with DK fpts. Fantasy Summoner suggests stacking players from the same team is consistently shown as the key to cashing across all contests. Roster can hold up maximum of 4 players of the same team, so all lineups consist of players from at least two lolesports team. Therefore, pick 3 or 4 players from the cheat sheet of the same row to stack. The set often consists of recommendations of favorites (based on odds and Draftking salary tier), and is typically considered a high floor lineup. The bottom set consists of contrarian and lower expected plays

Cabochard and Jactroll re-signed with Team Vitality
Image from Team Vitality

Opening Odds:
Vit -103 v. XL -130
MSF -286 v. S04 +206
G2 -145 v. RGE +109
MAD -345 v. SK +238
FN -125 v. OG -105

Review Friday Day 1: It is becoming more difficult to give G2 a pass. The Friday performance should make any fans and DFS players (who went with G2) ulcer. This team is in dire strait, and it is not the first time the unsettling feeling occurs during this split. G2 will remind the masses why they’re good, and it may happen either on Saturday or next week. However, to continue to recommend them as “safe” is out of the question for the remainder of 2020. This is quickly reminiscent of Invictus Gaming’s downfall from 2019.

Fantasy Summoner Cash Thoughts:
Fnatic brings on Nemesis as mid laner for 2019
Image from Fnatic’s Twitter

MAD chalk is the name of the game from now until Worlds. The team demonstrated over and over again that they are the team to beat. From their drafts to their ability to control the game from Mid-Late game, there is really no reason to doubt their viability as a fantasy play. The other options to stack with MAD are between MSF and xL. It may bear to mind that Day 1 can influence ownership, but does not necessarily carry over the results to day 2. This puts xL as a riskier play.

High Floors/High Ownership plays:

Fantasy Summoner Tournament Thoughts:

Tournament is going to be harder to pinpoint. Do you chase the S04? Do you trust in FN or OG to make a bounce back? Does G2 even win another game? So many questions, so few answers. One more time, the Daily Summoner will gamble on G2. It is predicted that this team will have it’s lowest ownership to date, due to better plays and better salary with MAD. Next, while both teams came off a loss, OG’s loss was way more egregious, and will heavily influenced ownership; particularly for the main slate.

The narrative that Jactroll is back to his trolly self and losing to a lesser team, will drive a lot of their ownership number down. However, this was the same scenario in the first half of the split, when OG lost to VIT, but won convincingly the following day against FN. While it is not wise to chase narrative plays, this is one instances where the DFSummoner is willing to be a fish…at least in certain type of contests.

FinnInspiredLarssenHans SamaVander
last chance to win for MAD
Securing Baron at 22 minutes seals the deal for Misfits

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