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College football ’18: Transfers now game within game


There are plenty of games within the game of college football.

Strategy between opposing coaches, one-on-one physical battles and of course trash-talking while trying to get deep inside an opponent’s head.

In today’s game, there is another. It’s already become a factor on how the overall game of college football is played, recruiting is done and rosters are shaped.

It’s called the transfer game.

Off and running

Kelly Bryant’s far-from-surprising decision this week to leave Clemson and seek a roster spot at another school was a perfect example of a player – and school – taking advantage of the NCAA’s new four-game redshirt rule. Bryant wasn’t the only player to declare his intentions after four games; other transfers are awaiting their fate.

Jalen McCleskey (Photo by

Senior receiver Jalen McCleskey is leaving Oklahoma State and wideout Nate Craig-Myers is reportedly one of four Auburn players now labeled as transfers.

There will be more big-name transfers each season. There are quarterback situations at Georgia and Alabama to keep an eye on as transfers after that four-game window become as commonplace in the game as Lee Corso and Big Ten controversies.

Can these transfers be viewed as the free agency of college football? Or are these transfers all about selfishness?

Looking out for No. 1

And that doesn’t mean these transfers are looking for a national championship.

A player has the right to look out for himself, especially if he feels it will better the chance of taking his game professionally. But what does it say about said transfers’ role as a team player? Then again, is there such a thing as a team player, anymore?

Probably, but none from the current transfers announced this week.

Nate Craig-Meyers (Photo by

Bryant might end up quarterbacking a decent program next year, but it probably won’t be a national championship contender. McCleskey and Craig-Myers will start wherever they end up, but don’t expect those transfers to be the missing piece their new teams were looking for to earn a spot in the College Football Playoff.

But this is college football in today’s climate. Transfers are a bigger part of the game than ever and fans just have to live with it. Of course, college athletes past and present will likely say this rule is a long-time coming and finally gives the athletes (transfers) a little more power and say when it comes to their careers.

Understandable, even for someone who never played college sports.

But as we celebrate the 10th anniversary of Tim Tebow’s post-game “promise” address, there’s something to be said about doing something for your teammates and your school. Think about it.

Enjoy the games weekend.

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