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College Basketball Freshman Evaluations: Part 3

Keon Ambrose-Hylton Alabama

Ambrose-Hylton has great physical traits and athleticism with the ability to develop into a major factor for Alabama’s frontcourt. Next, if he was to improve his ball-handling and skill with the basketball he could develop into a high-level player. Continued, he shows the ability to finish around the basket with his size and athleticism but could finish with more touch. Additionally, he could be a factor in transition as a rim runner and be utilized in ball screen as a roller effectively. Also, he does a good job of moving block to block getting opportunities behind the defense to finish.

The improvement on a mid-range jumper and being active on the boards would be beneficial for him offensively. As for the defensive end, he has the size and athleticism to be a factor around the basket and moves well enough to guard out on the perimeter. He has a lot of potential on the defensive end with length and athleticism. Keon Ambrose-Hylton should have a breakout season being a key player for Alabama’s success.

Zed Key Ohio State

Key did a really solid job of coming off the bench for Ohio State behind EJ Liddell. Next, he plays with great physicality in the post and consistently gets really good post positioning. Additionally, he has good footwork in the post going to his right hand with jump hooks and drops steps. Furthermore, he runs the floor well by establishing early post positioning for looks in transition. His improvement with his left hand would make him even more efficient in the post.

Also, he does a good job of the glass being there for 2nd chance opportunities. Key does a good job off of handoffs and ball screens diving to the rim with control to finish. Now defensively, he needs to improve his mobility defensively to get out the perimeter and handle ball screen situations. His physicality in the post defensively is good and his ability to come down with rebounds. Zed Key should have an even better season next year on an Ohio State team competing to win the National Championship.

Matthew Alexander-Moncrieffe Oklahoma State

Alexander-Moncreiffe had a really good freshman with the ability to be a factor offensively and on the boards. Additionally, he does a really good job of getting into the lane and having the ability to finish with control. Also, he runs the floor hard in transition and can take it himself as well as being able to finish effectively around the basket. The growth for Alexander-Moncrieffe needs to be with his ability to make perimeter jumpers and being a threat to defenses.

Next, his second effort ability on the boards is impressive and shows the motor he plays with. Continued, his overall skill set with the basketball could improve to be a more efficient player and more productive. As for defensively, he needs to improve his overall positioning. He has the size and athleticism to improve his help-side defense especially. Matthew Alexander-Montcreiffe is going to be a breakout candidate in the Big 12 for Oklahoma State.

Chuck Harris Butler

Harris had a productive freshman season and will be a major contributor in their core moving forward. Now, Harris does a really good job of the bounce with his tempo getting into the lane and for mid-range jumpers. Also, he is very effective from the perimeter shooting 40.3% from three off the catch and dribble. Next, he does a solid job in ball screen using his body to create space and get shots off. The area in which he could improve is being more efficient in getting others involved. Also, improving his ability to finish at the rim is key for Harris to have a more complete offensive game. As for defensively, he could do a better job guarding high-level guards with positioning and consistent effort. Chuck Harris will continue to improve as a scorer looking to lead Butler to a more successful season.

Myles Tate Butler

Tate plays with good pace and energy with the basketball and gives a spark to the Butler offense. Now, Tate needs to improve his efficiency as a scorer being able to make shots more consistently. Next, he brings a quick first step being able to get to the mid-range and rim, just needs to be able to capitalize more often. Additionally, he could improve his ability to attack ball screens more effectively, using his speed to attack switches more.

The biggest growth for Tate will come with his efficiency as a scorer and that consistency. As for the defensive end, he needs to do a better job of the ball being in a position to be reactive. Additionally, he needs to be locked in defensively, it will make him be in a better position to defend. Myles Tate will look to be a part of a young up-incoming backcourt with Chuck Harris.

Jabari Walker Colorado

Walker has really good size and athleticism with the ability to be a factor inside and out. Also, he does a good job of positioning himself for opportunities on dump downs around the basket. Continued, he shot the basketball really well from the perimeter at 52.3% from three off catch and shoot opportunities. Additionally, he can be effective in ball screen situations with the ability to pop or dive the rim easily. Next, his development to be more of a threat with the basketball will be key to attacking off the bounce and using his size.

Furthermore, he brings good energy and effort on the boards providing 2nd chance opportunities. The growth of his game will take place with consistency and utilizing him inside as well on the perimeter. As for defensively, he uses his size really well and provides versatility. Additionally, he is really good at containing the basketball and forcing difficult drives with the ability to block shots. Jabari Walker will be an all-league player in the PAC 12 next season.

Jabari Walker - Men's Basketball - University of Colorado Athletics

Mike Miles TCU

Miles had a very good freshman season providing scoring for TCU and being very efficient doing it. First off, Miles brings the ability to attack off basketball well with his pace and can get to the rim. Next, he does a good job of getting in the lane stopping with control to finish with jump stops and floaters. Additionally, he has a good feel to attack off the bounce getting high percentage shots. Furthermore, he shoots the ball well from the perimeter at 36.0% off the catch and dribble.

Miles needs to improve his ability to not have unforced turnovers and being more efficient as a playmaker. Continued, he pushes the ball well in transition and uses his size well around the rim. Now defensively, he does a good job of bringing effort and off the basketball consistently. For Miles in switches, he needs to be more assertive and have better communication. Mike Miles will continue to develop into a really good player at TCU as long as he improves the mistakes.

Michael O’Connell Stanford

O’Connell plays with a really good feel and the ability to get his teammates involved. Next, he does a very solid job of playing off the basketball and utilizing ball screens and handoffs to get to the mid-range and basket. Additionally, he plays the game with a very high IQ making really good reads and decision making. As well as, being able to push the ball in transition with great control and shot-making. Next, he could take the next step in his game being more explosive with the basketball and getting to the rim more. Furthermore, he plays with great pace in transition without the basketball being available to make decisions and reads.

Continued, he sets the tone for the Stanford offense being their maestro extremely effectively. O’Connell does a great job setting up his teammates to be successful and in a scoring position. Now defensively, he does a really good job with positioning and is solid on the basketball. He could improve a more effective help-side defender to get stops and create turnovers. Michael O’Connell will be one of the best point guards in the PAC 12 next season for Stanford.

Posh Alexander St. John’s

Alexander plays with really good pace and aggressiveness with the ability to get to the basket. Additionally, he needs to improve his ability to make mid-range and perimeter jumpers consistently. As well as, improving his decision and limiting unforced turnovers. Next, he has the ability to attack downhill but needs to improve his finishing through contact. Next, the pace at which Alexander plays is really good and allows him to be really successful in transition. Continued, he does a solid job of getting others involved and rebounds well for a guard.

The consistency with his efficiency and shot-making will allow Alexander to make the next step as a player. As for the defensive end, he really gets after picking up his man 94 feet applying really good ball pressure turning defense into offense. His effort defensively on the ball and off is really good and makes him an impact defender. Posh Alexander will develop into a really good guard for St. John’s.

It's hard to take your eyes off Posh Alexander, St. John's new star |  Newsday

Khristian Lander Indiana

Lander came into Indiana with a lot of expectations to be a star on the perimeter immediately. Now, he will have the opportunity to have a breakout season under the tool age of Mike Woodson as Head Coach. Furthermore, Lander will need his ability to make shots and being efficient as a scorer. Next, he moves without the basketball really well which will create cutting and advantages on scoring opportunities. Additionally, his improvement to create separation will be key to shots and being able to get to the rim.

Continued, Lander will need to be a great distributor for Indiana setting the tone and giving his teammates great looks. Now, the pace he can play with needs to be on display in transition and while using ball screens. The evolvement of him being a threat offensively would allow him to flourish, so his jumper will be vital. As for the defensive end, he brings good effort on and off the basketball. His improvement could take place by enhancing his positioning to create turnovers. Khristian Lander will be a major factor in the success of Indiana under Mike Woodson.

Lance Ware Kentucky

Ware a highly rated recruit did not have much success in his freshman season at Kentucky. Now, he will look to carve out a larger role in his sophomore season with his energy and effort making a bigger impact. Furthermore, in ball screen situations he needs to be more effective diving to the rim with the ability to finish consistently. Next, Ware will need to improve his skill set in the post is a more capable scorer.

Additionally, the effort is his best attribute being a factor on the offensive glass. The improvement of his skill around the basket and mid-range jumper would improve his game. As for defensively, he brings good effort defending the post and rebounds effectively. Ware could improve his ability to not take as many chances giving up easy opportunities. Lance Ware has a lot of development to do this off-season to make an impact for Kentucky.

Matthew Murrell Ole Miss

Murrell has a lot of potentials to have a major impact on Ole Miss next season. Now, he does a really good job of attacking off the dribble with the ability for mid-range pull-ups and getting to the rim. Next, he does a good job of the basketball moving with pace getting in position to shoot or score the basketball. Additionally, he has really good size allowing him to make plays in the lane and the ability to contribute on the boards.

Also, for Murrell to take the next forward will be more efficient as a shooter from the perimeter to expand his game more. Murrell has the ability to play on and off the basketball well and can be a threat in transition. As for the defensive end, he’s active on the basketball and has the size to be disruptive on shots and drives. His positioning defensively could improve slightly to make him an even better on-ball defender. Matthew Murrell will take a big step forward for Ole Miss being one of their best players.

Samson Ruzhentsev Florida

Ruzhentsev has the size and natural ability to develop into a large role at some point for Florida. First off, he needs to do a better job of being stronger and confident with the basketball to eliminate turnovers. Next, he has a quick shot release off the catch and dribble which could develop into being really effective. The overall improvement of being a consistent threat as a shooter will be vital for Ruzhentsev to carve out a role in the Florida rotation. Additionally, the development of his ability to score with the basketball will go a long way towards his growth as a player. Now defensively, he does bring the ability to be versatile and guard multiple positions. The improvement of his lateral movement and positioning would go a long way into his defensive capabilities. Samson Ruzhentsev will just be looking to have a larger role for Florida next season.

Mac Etienne UCLA

Etienne will be looking to have a more significant role entering his sophomore season at UCLA. First off, he will need to develop his skill set inside to be a more productive interior player offensively. Additionally, he brings really good effort on the offensive boards being a contributor for 2nd chance opportunities. Next, he will need to start to make an impact running the floor in transition and in ball screen opportunities diving to the rim. Further, he was pretty efficient around the basket when getting clear opportunities around the basket at 60.0% from the field. Now defensively, he brings good physicality and effort defending the post. Also, he does a solid job with mobility in ball screen defense having good positioning. Mac Etienne plays with good effort and energy who will need to develop an offensive game to have a larger impact on UCLA next season.

Dalen Terry Arizona

Terry has a lot of potential and physical traits to develop into a very good player at Arizona and is a part of a strong freshman core. Furthermore, he shot the ball effectively from the perimeter at 32.6% and could take the next step with a quicker release and consistency. Next, he has really good size allowing him to get shots off easily, however, he could improve the fluidity with the basketball. Additionally, he will need to use his size and athleticism more to get to the basket more often.

Continued, he will be a major threat in transition with his athleticism and in time with an improved perimeter jumper. The offensive skill set is there for Terry, as he just needs further development to have a massive impact. Now defensively, he has the length, size, and athleticism to continue to develop into being a great on-ball defender and on the boards. Also, he could improve his off-ball defense by being more engaged to be well-rounded defensively. Dalen Terry has a lot of potentials to be a major contributor for Arizona next season on both ends.

Images Courtesy of, Colorado Buffaloes, Newsday, Stanford Athletics

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