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Charlie McAvoy: A Bonafide Stallion

Bonafide stallion

Charlie McAvoy is rapidly growing into one of the best defenders in the NHL. Despite his age, McAvoy is already able to dominate the defensive end. After four years in Boston, McAvoy has easily won over the entire fanbase. Along the way, he’s even earned one particular nickname.

Origins Of the Name

Bruins fans most likely have heard McAvoy’s nickname thrown around both on social media and game broadcasts. That nickname being Bonafide Stallion. It seems rather fitting, since McAvoy is a workhorse for Boston. But just how McAvoy get the nickname?

It simply came from a post on Reddit. Back in 2017, Reddit user u/Doubleu1117 posted to r/bostonbruins. The post was titled “First hand assessment of McAvoy.” In the post, the user claimed that he was from the same area as McAvoy so he has seen him in person. Their analysis would then forever go down in Bruins fanbase history.

One paragraph in particular from Doubleu1117’s analysis would stick. “The paragraph read: This kid’s f—ing jacked. Thick, dense, built whatever you wanna call him he’s got it. Legs thicker than my chest, and shoulders wider than my wingspan. Making full use of his frame and with the golden flow to top it off. He dwarfed us all. Bonafide stallion.”

The Name Catches On

At first, the nickname for McAvoy was mainly just used on Reddit. It was an inside joke at first, but eventually it spread. Users on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other forms of social media began to use the phrase when referring to McAvoy. It was quite the meme amongst the Bruins fanbase.

It even caught on enough that it was heard on broadcast. NESN commentator Jack Edwards called McAvoy live while the Bruins played the Ottawa Senators in October 2018. Giving a shoutout to the Bruins subreddit while doing so. This truly helped the phrase catch on.

A Truly Deserved Name

McAvoy has been the Bruins time on ice leader since Jack Edwards referenced the nickname in 2018. For someone so young to accomplish such a feat, they would have to be a bonafide stallion. It really is no wonder why the nickname has been able to stick. Charlie McAvoy truly is one of the Bruins’ brightest stars.

Fan shirts with the nickname have even been sold. Matt Grzelcyk even has been seen wearing one. If anything, that just goes to show that this nickname has even spread to the Bruins locker room. But one thing is absolutely certain, Charlie McAvoy is a bonafide stallion.

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