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Back Half of the NFL Season Predictions

With half of the NFL season over, most of the divisions are starting to shape up. Although there are still some divisions that are still up for grabs. Here are the midway point predictions for each division:



The New England Patriots are in this division, meaning that they are the clear favorite. But after their 1-2 start and Miami’s 3-0 start, it seemed like this year would be a bit of a battle. After nine weeks, the race is still close. The Patriots are riding a six game win streak but the Dolphins are only two games behind. The Patriots will dominate the rest of the season, even with Gronk missing some games the team is just too strong. Winner: New England Patriots


The black sheep of the group has stepped it up this season. While the Baltimore Ravens seem to be going downhill, the Cincinnati Bengals are looking stronger than ever and the Pittsburgh Steelers have finally found their grove. On the bright side, the Cleveland Browns have won two games this season, more than the last two seasons combined. With the Steelers in their grove, they will easily run away with the division no matter how hard their upcoming schedule is. Winner: Pittsburgh Steelers


J.J. Watt and Tyrann Mathieu (USA Today)

The return of Deshawn Watson didn’t really live up up the hype the first few weeks, especially after an 0-3 start. The Jacksonville Jaguars made it to the AFC championship last year, then came out and beat the Patriots early in the season? No question they will run away with it, right? Wrong, The Texans are on a six game winning streak and holding the lead by a nice margin of two games. They look hot while the Jags are sitting at 3-5. Winner: Houston Texans


The Oakland Raiders and the Denver Broncos seem to be the let down teams of the AFC so far this year. While the Kansas City Chiefs are 8-1 with a second year quarterback. The Chargers are not far behind. Two and half games can be hard to catch up on when the team you’re trying to catch up to just keeps winning. The Chiefs defense might struggle, but the offense has an unlimited amount of weapons. Winner: Kansas City Chiefs



This division is the most wide open division in the NFL. Three of the four teams are still easily in the race. The Redskins have had their ups and down, but they are still one game ahead of the reigning super bowl champions. With how inconsistent they are, it seems like the Eagles or Cowboys could possibly sneak up from behind and snatch the division. The Cowboys’ struggles continue even with the addition of Amari Cooper, but the Eagles took home the win overseas before their bye week and are finding their groove. Winner: Philadelphia Eagles


This division is also wide open. The Bears are leading the division half way through the season for the first time since 2012. The Vikings are only half a game behind and the Packers sit in third, two and half games behind. The Vikings are strong team but the defense isn’t what it used to be and the offense is isn’t making plays that it was last year. The Bears are strong but can easily fall apart, even though the defense is one of the top in the league. The Packers have lost their last two games but they have a high chance to run the table with Aaron Rodgers behind center. The Bears still have five more inner division games and the Vikings have four. While the Packers remaining schedule only includes two teams that are over .500. Winner: Green Bay Packers


Drew Brees (Turf Show Times)

The race to win the division is tight one. The New Orleans Saints only have one loss yet the Carolina Panthers only have two. The next is the Falcons that sit at 4-4. It is possible for the Flacons to catch up, but they are nothing close to the team that they were when they made the Super Bowl. The Saints looks absolutely unstoppable after their win over the undefeated Rams. Drew Brees is playing at a higher caliber than he ever has. It’ll be a close one but no doubt that the Saints are the strongest team in the NFL right now. Winner: New Orleans Saints


The Rams were not the team that most people expected. They were undefeated until last week when they played the Saints. The Rams look great. Yet a lot of their wins come at the last minute. They are strong and their defensive line is scary. The next in line is the 4-4 Seattle Seahawks. Although they could possible take the Rams down at their second meeting of the season, a four game lead is tremendous half way through the season. Winner: Los Angeles Rams

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