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Would Anthony Davis Ever Join the Bulls?

Anthony Davis free agency

Anthony Davis’ free agency was a league shaking move. Davis left the New Orleans Pelicans and joined up with LeBron James on the Los Angeles Lakers.

In the 2020-2021 season, Davis will be able to become an unrestricted free agent. As it stands right now it would not be wise of Davis to leave the Lakers but the possibility will be open to him.

Why would Davis move?

Davis does not have a lot of reason to move but there are certainly a few.

First, Chicago is Davis’ home. Davis grew up in the south side of the city and lived there until he went to the University of Kentucky.

Davis spoke about a hometown reunion recently saying, “If the opportunity ever presents itself and when that time comes, I’d definitely consider it.” Now, this sounds like a media-trained response, but there is some value to it. Just in the past weeks, Kawhi Leonard and Paul George return home to Los Angeles. Now, looking at the young core the Bulls have, it might be time for the team to pursue him. Bringing in Davis as a veteran superstar alongside that young core could bolster that team. Not to mention having Davis would be attractive to other free agents.

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With his unrestricted free agency coming up in two seasons this does give the Bulls an opportunity to build the team up and make a case for getting Davis.  As Davis said, “We [Chicago] are a basketball city, and we are the mecca of basketball and you can quote me on that.” Davis knows the importance of high-quality basketball in his hometown. Especially in such a big market. Davis getting the opportunity to be the catalyst to change that team should be enticing.

Though if all else fails, Davis would likely be able to finish up his career in Chicago. But hopefully, that is years down the line.

Why Davis Would Stay

Anthony Davis free agency

In the short term, Davis should stay on the Lakers simply because the team has a better outlook right now than the Bulls. Despite all the bad press, the Lakers get they still have two of the best players in the world on their team. It is realistic to say that the Lakers could be contenders in the next several seasons if they aren’t contenders already.

The long term is more up in the air but the Lakers would still be a good destination for Anthony Davis. Even post-LeBron Lakers they still are a huge destination for free agents. Plus having Davis on the team would encourage players to want to play with him anyway. It would take a huge move for Davis to want to leave the Lakers.

While Bulls fans can hope for the best, Anthony Davis’ free agency decisions would likely not have him returning to Chicago in the foreseeable future.


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