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Aaron Rodgers is at it Again: Is he the Best There is?

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers drove his team down the field in 60 seconds Monday night. With no timeouts left, he threw three dime passes to set up the game-winning field goal against the 49ers. Green Bay took the Monday night win at home 33-30.

Aaron Rodgers’ career

Rodgers was drafted number 24 overall to the Packers in 2005. For three years he sat behind Hall of Fame QB Brett Favre. Once Favre ‘retired’ Rodgers had to step up and take his place. His first season starting in 2008, he recorded over 4,000 passing yards, 28 touchdown passes and 13 interceptions. His newly formed talent was not enough to keep the playoff streak going, Green Bay went 6-10 and placed third in the NFC North. Every year since then with the exception of 2017, the Packers have made it to the playoffs.

The two-time AP MVP led the Packers all the way to the Super Bowl and defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers during the 2010 season. Rodgers took home the Super Bowl MVP as well as the AP MVP award that year.

The Monday night game isn’t the first time Rodgers has made a game-winning drive. The drive against the 49ers was actually his 21st recorded game-winning drive in his career. As well as his 14th recorded fourth-quarter comeback. This also isn’t the first time he has done it this season, Rodgers completed a game-winning drive as well as a fourth-quarter comeback week one against the Chicago Bears.

Most people are hesitant to say that Aaron Rodgers is the best quarterback to ever play the game. He is always in the conversations for one of the best though. Many other former quarterbacks and current quarterbacks have accomplished more than Rodgers has, but if we go to the numbers Rodgers’ easily blows them out of the water.


  • Highest single-season passer rating ever recorded, 122.5*
  • Highest total career passer rating ever, 104.93*
  • Reached 300 passing touchdowns in the shortest amount of times: 4,742 attempts, 144th appearance*
    • had the fewest interceptions while doing so: 72
  • Two-time AP MVP*
  • Super Bowl XLV MVP*
  • Two-time All-Pro*
  • Six-time pro bowler
  • 2011 comeback player of the year
  • Fastest to ever reach 30,000 passing yards*
  • One of only seven players in NFL history have less than a 1% interception rate in a season (three of seven were not able to finish their season)*
  • The first QB in NFL history to throw for 10 touchdowns in his first three playoff games*
  • Tied for most touchdown passes thrown in a half: six vs Bears Nov. 9 2014*

The list goes on and on for Rodgers’ accomplishments, yet most people can’t say that he is the best to ever play this game. Mostly because Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady has five Super Bowl Rings. He is a top player and will forever be remembered. Brady will no doubt be a first ballot Hall of Famer.

Yet, people are willing to jump to conclusions because of Brady’s five rings that he is miles beyond Rodgers. Brady has had a top 10 defense to back him up every single season he has won the Super Bowl. The Packers’ defense has never reached the top 10 in the years he has been a starter, except once- in 2010. Brady arguably has one of the best offensive lines there is throughout his career, yet Rodgers’ line is always banged up.

Aaron Rodgers can single handily carry a team to the playoffs, despite injuries or bad defense. He is a threat in the pocket as well as outside the pocket. He hits throws that most QBs are scared to make. Rodgers can run as well as avoid sacks better than most. Above all, no defense wants him back on the field when the Packers are down and there are less than two minutes left on the clock.

* all stats retrieved from NFL hall of fame, NFL official site or pro football reference

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