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4 Industries That Can Benefit from Sports Marketing

Sports are popular for many reasons. They entertain those who watch and help sportspeople to keep fit. Statistics show that about 60% of Americans are sports fans with at least one favorite game. These are men and women ready to invest financially and emotionally in their favorite teams.

Whether you’re looking to grow a brand, reach a wider audience, or boost sales, incorporating sports marketing is a great way to bolster your efforts. Here are four industries that can immensely benefit from sports marketing.

1. Automotive

The auto industry and sports are inseparable. Carmakers spend a lot of money each year sponsoring sports teams. For instance, Hyundai, an official FIFA partner since 1999, says football sponsorship has been an incredible way to create awareness about its brand. There are football stadiums named after famous carmakers and many sports personalities have featured in car adverts. 

Over the years, the two industries have continued to enjoy a strong relationship. It’s very common to see high-quality vehicle images used in stadiums to enhance brand awareness. This marketing strategy ensures products stay in the minds of an already captivated audience. Some automakers use famous sports personalities as brand ambassadors to entice sports fans further.

2. Health

Injuries are part of any physical sports activity. Hospitals and rehabilitation facilities can create brand awareness through sports marketing. There are multiple ways to go about it. Medics can attend team-related events and talk about their health products and services. They can also promote their healthcare services on their websites or blogs by talking about sports-related injuries and treatments.

Today, most professional sports teams are willing to partner with healthcare brands. By forming partnerships, healthcare brands can benefit without struggling in their marketing.

3. Entertainment

You can’t think about sports without thinking about entertainment. Music, movies, and even films can greatly benefit from sports marketing. For example, it’s now become the norm for big music artists to perform before the start of major sporting events such as the FIFA world cup. Movie stars and famous people are always present at big sporting events, making them even more popular.

Some entertainers even invest in their favorite sports teams and co-own or partially own them. Depending on your marketing campaign objectives, you can easily get demographics of the major sports events and focus your efforts to maximize outcomes.  

4. Fitness

The symbiotic relationship between fitness and sports is hard to ignore. One industry requires the other to achieve success. Athletes must spend long hours in the gym to remain healthy and at their fitness peak. By using sports marketing, the fitness industry can have an easier time capturing the attention of an already engaged audience.

If you are a business owner, you can advertise your services and products at local sporting events. Alternatively,  you can sponsor a local radio or TV program and showcase your products and services. You’ll be able to reach a wider audience and boost sales. Sports are loved the world over, so sports marketing will pay off.

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