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3 Offensive Bold Predictions for the Eagles in 2021

3 Offensive Bold Predictions for the Eagles in 2021

The Eagles are picked to be one of the worst teams this coming year. Their offense is young, with Jalen Hurts set to take the quarterback position barring any possible trades. The Eagles also have two young running backs in Miles Sanders and Boston Scott. They have both proven themselves as formidable running backs. The Eagles also have receivers that should be led by DeVonta Smith. The other running backs include Jalen Reagor, Greg Ward and Travis Fulgham. The offensive line isn’t too shabby with Jason Kelce leading the charge. The rest of the offensive line includes Andre Dillard, Isaac Seumalo, Brandon Brooks and Lane Johnson. The x-factor to this offense will be Dallas Goedert, who should have a solid season with Zach Ertz leaving the team soon. This article will give three bold predictions for the Eagles in 2021.

Miles Sanders surpasses the 1,000-yard mark

Miles Sanders has shown what he is made of during his two years in the NFL. During his rookie year, he had over 800 yards and three touchdowns. He also had over 500 receiving yards, which is impressive for a rookie running back. The following year in 2020, he had even more rushing yards as he totaled 867 yards and six touchdowns during that year. This may not be that bold of a prediction, but it’s plausible that Sanders can be a 1,000-yard rusher in 2021. Sander will also be picked to go to his first Pro Bowl.

Sanders deserves a lot of respect as a young running back and opposing defenses shouldn’t take him lightly. He is speedy and also knows how to outmaneuver the defense and break tackles. He will also help the Eagles in the scoring department since he has shown that he can find the end zone more and more over his two years in the NFL. Expect Sanders to have a big season in 2021.

Goedert accomplishes two career highs in 2021

Dallas Goedert will be getting a lot of opportunities in 2021 as Zach Ertz should be gone by the beginning of the season. He, more than likely, will share some playing time with Richard Rodgers, who had a pretty solid year for the Eagles in 2021. He had over 300 yards and two touchdowns. If Sirianni sticks with the two tight end offense, then he will also get more opportunities to show the fans what he’s got.

3 Offensive Bold Predictions for the Eagles in 2021
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Let’s get to the Bold predictions for Dallas Goedert. Goedert will surpass his previous career high in receiving yards in 2019 which was 605 yards. Goedert will have over 800 receiving yards and prove himself as one of the better tight ends in the league. The Eagles will also surely use him in the end zone since he has size and good hands. Goedert will double his career high, which was five touchdowns in 2019. Goedert will score 10 touchdowns in 2021 to prove himself even more. It will be interesting see what Goedert accomplishes as the Eagles starting tight end.

Kenneth Gainwell makes some noise in 2021

Some of you are probably wondering how a 4th string rookie running back could possibly make noise this year. Kenneth Gainwell is the perfect fit for the Eagles offense as he is speedy and elusive. Sanders and Scott are more of the same. Gainwell could also win the 3rd string position if he can impress people during training camp over the summer. People also can’t overlook what this guy did over his college career. He steam rolled defenses within the American Conference. Gainwell had over 1,400 rushing yards and 13 touchdowns in 2019. He had 610 receiving yards and three touchdowns in the passing game.

So how is Gainwell going make noise this season? Gainwell will get some playing time throughout the year and will break a couple big run offs and maybe score a touchdown or two. Philly will get see what this 5th round rookie running back is all about in 2021.

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