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Women’s World Cup Week 1

Women's World Cup Week 3

Here is a look at week one of the Women’s World Cup.

Group A

France and South Korea kicked off the tournament today. South Korea’s play of heavy defense was a struggle for France as they relied on accurate plays. France was left to find open areas within South Korea’s defense.

Women's World Cup Week 1

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France won 4-0 today against South Korea. They are currently the leader in points for Group A.

Norway and Nigeria are to follow Saturday, June 8 at 3:00 pm EST. Norway likes to play balls in from the wide which will be good for Nigeria, as they play a heavy defensive game. Nigeria will need to hope for a good break away and rely on their keeper to play as well as she normally does.

Group B

Germany and China will start off Saturday’s games at 9:00 am EST. It will be an interesting matchup with Germany’s strong offense and China’s strong offense. Both teams will have to rely on good plays with strong finishes.

Spain and South Africa’s game will start after at 12 pm EST. Spain’s fast play will be a challenge for South Africa. However, South Africa plays a heavy defense that Spain will have to work around.

Group C

Italy and Australia will kick off Sunday at 7 am EST. Australia’s strong offense will be an interesting matchup against Italy’s strong offense. With Australia’s strength inset pieces, it is going to put Italy’s defense to the test. On the other hand, Italy is strong with finishes so Australia’s defense will have to work hard.

Brazil and Jamaica’s game will start at 9:30 am EST on Sunday. Brazil has a strong team that relies on their strikers and their depth in midfield. Jamaica plays with a stacked defense as their midfielder’s drop a lot. Brazil will have to get good with playing balls in from the wide so their striker can finish.

Group D

England and Scotland’s matchup will close out Sunday at 12 pm EST. Their historical rivalry will be an interesting start for Group D. England’s heavy offense will be interesting for Scotland. Scotland creates really good plays, but will need to be able to finish. Both play with a light defense, so it will be a game based on finishes and overturns.

Argentina and Japan will open Monday at 12 pm EST. Argentina’s stacked defense will have to fight hard against Japan’s quick offense. Japan also plays with heavy possession, so Argentina will have to focus on quick overturns in order to score.

Group E

Canada and Cameroon’s game will close out Monday at 3 pm EST. Canada uses their strikers very well by feeding them balls into the box in order to finish. Cameroon plays with both heavy defense and offense. They work together well to either clear the ball or finish for a goal.

New Zealand and Netherlands’ game will open Tuesday at 9 am EST. New Zealand has a strong passing game. Netherland’s doesn’t play with a lot of offense, but they are good at scoring.

Group F

Chile and Sweden will play Tuesday at 12 pm EST. There is a good possibility of Sweden winning this game because of they are stacked in both defense and offense. Chile’s defense has a depth to it, which will be good for them. However, Chile will need to rely on overturns to win the match.

Women's World Cup Week 1
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USA will play Thailand to close out Tuesday at 3 pm EST. USA is a strong team that will be able to go around Thailand’s defense. Thailand plays with lots of offense. They will need to focus on keeping their defense tight against the US.

Week Two will start on Wednesday with France’s match up against Norway as 3 pm EST.


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