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Soapbox: The Bundesliga is the best and most fair league in the world


You hear it from most pundits and fans; the Premier League is the best league in the world. I am here to refute that point, and show that the German Bundesliga is the actual best, and most fair, league in soccer (or football) today. The rise of youth players that play every week, along with the high level of competition show how the Bundesliga is much better league.


As an American, this point is easily found for me. American youth talent seems to be rampant in the Bundesliga. From the week-in, week-out players such as Christian Pulisic for Borussia Dortmund, Bobby Wood of Hannover 96, and Weston McKennie of Schalke 04, all the way to the up and coming talents, such as Joshua Sargent of Werder Bremen. These young Americans are getting time in a competitive league, on all levels.

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If you look at young talent from other nations as well, they are getting time. Take Jadon Sancho, the 18 year old England international playing for Borussia Dortmund this season. At 18, he has played six games in the Bundesliga, with a goal and five assists to his name. Many Premier League teams are neglecting their youth players, such as Chelsea. They have such a tight, expensive squad, it is impossible for youth to break through. That is why Chelsea has 38 players out on loan this season.

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Everyone Can Compete

Take Hoffenheim. In the 2015/2016 season, Hoffenheim finished in 15th place, one above the relegation playoff. The following season, the finished fourth, in a Champions League spot. Last year they finished third, and currently this year they are back to 11th. This shows the rise and fall of just one team over the course of four seasons. An opposite example would be Schalke 04. They ended up placing second last year. However, they are second to last as of now this season.

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In the Premier League, the good teams are good, while the bad teams stay bad. Other than the miraculous runs of teams such as Leicester City in 2015/2016 season, only five teams have won the Premier League since its introduction. While Bayern Munich has won the league for the past six years, the competition for those Champions League spots has always been intense.

The games themselves are also very exciting for neutrals. Just this past weekend, there were no 0-0 draws and only 1-0 game. From a neutral standpoint, the games are exciting, and there will always be goals to be scored. The level of competition is much higher in these games. In the Premier League, good teams stay good, mediocre teams stay mediocre, and bad teams stay bad. There are few instances where this changes, such as Everton, a typically mid-table level team, qualified for the Europa league in the 2017-2018 season, where they failed miserably.

Overall, the level of play is much closer, and the competition is more interesting than the Premier League. While there has been one winner over the last six season, the fight across the board has been more interesting. Champions League spots that are up for grabs, and teams that can go from the bottom of the table, to top spots over the course of a season or two. Youth players also have more opportunities for playing time not only in the cup ties but the league games as well.


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