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La Liga Match-Fixing Scandal

La Liga Fined €250k

Evidence of Scandal

La Liga teams are under investigation for match-fixing this season.

There were close to 11 people arrested on Tuesday, June 4. The Spanish National Police are questioning all detainees. Many players and club owners are among those people.

La Liga Match-Fixing Scandal

Image courtesy of Zimbio

The Real Valladolid-Valencia game has proof of match-fixing. Recorded phone calls catch Valladolid’s Borja Fernandez talking with former players Aranda and Raul Bravo. Spanish newspaper, El Mundo, published some of the phone conversations that confirm the allegations.

“Seven players were bribed, no more,” Aranda said in one of the recordings. “Bet €10,000 and you will win €20,000.”

He continues to talk on the phone stating that Valencia must score two goals by the end of the game. Also, they must win the game so the money to go through. He was insistent on keeping this a secret.

“Look, you know what it is, no one can know, but you know what it is. No one. No one means no one; no one, not your friends, not anyone.”

El Mundo’s report also states there is evidence of these players meeting at midfielder’s Keko Gontan’s house.

Games Under Investigation

There are three games under investigation.

Firstly, Real Valladolid’s game against Valencia is being heavily looked into. Valencia did indeed manage to win 2-0. The plays made by Valladolid’s defense that allowed the goals seemed questionable.

Valencia qualifies for Champions League by finishing in fourth place after the win.

Similarly, the game against Huesca and Nastic de Tarragona is also under investigation. Nastic de Tarragona avoided relegation after winning 1-0.

There were suspicious amounts of betting going on for this game according to 30 betting sites.

Spanish National Police have not released the third game.

La Liga and Valencia FC’s statements

La Liga has come out saying that it will “continue working on prevention monitoring, research and report any warning about a possible match-fixing.”

Valencia has gotten upset over these allegations that are tying them to match-fixing.

They “will undertake appropriate legal measures, with the consequences that derive from those, against anyone who spreads anyone who spreads any rumor or unfounded news that tries to link our club with the aforementioned subject.”

People Under Arrest and Trial

La Liga Match-Fixing Scandal
Image courtesy of Spourtaragon

There have not been many names that have been released to the public yet. However, Huesca’s president, Agustin Lasaosa, was arrested.

Thursday, June 6 is the trial date. This will determine the crimes committed and the amount for bail.



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