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How to bet on football totals correctly

Football is the most-watched sport in the world with over 4 billion people tuning in to catch their favourite leagues and tournaments Almost every continent hosts a league or tournament and review- sites such as are taking advantage of it.

Punters across the world are involved in football betting hoping to bag some wins. With the help of the right football betting strategy, many punters have walked away richer.

One of the most popular strategies is the totals strategy. It is popular for its simplicity, ease to understand and 50% chance of winning.

Unfortunately, punters who win using a totals strategy base it on luck and instinct. Yet, with better research and analysis, they could do better.

This article will break down what you need to know to get you from good to great with the totals strategy.

Over/Under Totals

The simplest of all totals goals wagers is the over/under. With this wager, the bookmaker specifies a number and punters need to predict whether the total number of goals will be more or less than it.

Most of the bookmakers you come across will have an over/under standard line of 2.5 goals. Do not let the half confuse you. Every match must have a winner and a loser.

Examples of totals wagers you may come across include Over 2.5- 2.20, Under 2.5- 1.65 and Over 1.5- 1.40. Selecting Over 2.5 means the total number of goals should be three or more for you to win. Under 2.5 means the total match goals should be two or less to win.

The Over 1.5 wager is for safety. Since football can be unpredictable, some teams may struggle to cross the three goals mark. In those cases, to play it safe, this is the best wager.

Over 1.5 means the total goals should be two goals or more. While the payout is lower, this is a great wager to avoid losses.

While these lines may be the most common ones, different bookmakers offer varying lines. It’s up to you to look around and choose the best one for you.

Number of Goals Bracket

This type of totals bet allows punters to place bets on ranges of total goals. The bookmaker offers several options of goal ranges and you choose which one you think will win. Examples of ranges include 0-1, 2-3, 0-2, 0-4 and 5+.

0-1 range means that the total goals from a match should not exceed 1 goal for you to win. More than one goal would mean you lost. All the ranges apply the same principle in determining a winning or losing bet.

Exact Number of Goals

This bet is great for more confident punters. The stakes are higher because they come with higher risk. The punter must predict the exact total of match goals to win. If the goals predicted fall short, you lose.

Examples include 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. You can place a bet on any specific number of total match goals.

Total Goals by Team

There are two teams in a match that this option allows you to predict. You can predict the total score of one of the teams in a match to win.

The total goals by team bet use different formats borrowed from previous totals betting strategies. This means the total goals by team wager can be offered as over/under, brackets or an exact number of goals.

Total Goals by Half

Football games are played in two halves with some exceptional cases with extra time. Punters can predict the total match goals during any of the two halves. You can bet on the total goals of the first half or second half.

This is one of the more difficult bets to place because of the uncertainty and probability that you will get the correct score for any half. While the payout is higher, you should proceed with caution when considering this bet.

Tips to Consider While Betting on Totals

You have a grasp of the different totals strategies for football and are ready to bet. Here are some tips you should consider: 

  1. Doing your homework will put you ahead of the game. You need to spend time researching different teams, rivalries, histories and players. this will help you make informed decisions on your bets. 
  2. Not every game matters. You need to be picky with your bets which will boil down to your research. you do not have to make a totals bet on every match or every match day. 
  3. Other leagues matter. You should take time to study other leagues to find which ones are the easiest for totals betting. 
  4. Your risk should be balanced. This means that most of your totals bets should stick to less risky types of strategies such as over/under. More risky bets should be occasional.


Football totals betting at Lvbet has some of the easiest strategies to understand and implement in sports betting. This makes it great for punters who want to win more often.

Despite their ease, totals by team or half should be approached cautiously. With significant research and confidence, you can try them, occasionally.

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