The UEFA Champions League is the greatest club competition every year and pits the power-houses of Europe against each other. This season, the Champions League is stocked with the best teams in the world once again making it hard to pick a champion, but there is one team that stands out above the rest. Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) will win the Champions League because of five reasons.

Angel Di Maria has had a great scoring and passing season for PSG. Picture courtesy
  1. Their success in French Ligue 1.

PSG is ahead by an unprecedented 21 points in French Ligue 1. They have not lost a game and only have three draws in league play. The French League is by no means an easy league, so their ability to dominate shows that they are a threat to be reckoned with. Because they are already this far ahead in the league, it will allow them to rest players. The fresh players will be used to play in the Champions League, which will help them be at their best for their most important games.

PSG manager Laurent Blanc has led the team to one of the best seasons in recent history. Picture courtesy

2. Their draw in the round of 16.

The draw for the Champions League round of 16 was very favorable for PSG. They play Chelsea in the first leg, which is the best draw they could have had. Chelsea has struggled this whole season and is thirteenth in the English Premier League. Jose Mourinho was fired as the manager and the team hasn’t been clicking. PSG will take advantage of Chelsea not being great this season and get to the next leg.

Center-backs Thiago Silva and David Luiz have years of experience and chemistry playing together. Photo courtesy

3. Their Center-Backs.

In French Ligue 1 play PSG has allowed just ten goals in 22 games. Their back line is playing some of the best soccer in the world right now. Thiago Silva and David Luiz are two of the best center-backs in the world and they are paired together. They have experience playing with each other on Brazil’s National Team together as well as last season with PSG. Silva and Luiz have a good chemistry, which is something that is essential on elite back lines. With those two guys in the middle it almost doesn’t matter who they have defending on the outside.

Goalkeeper Kevin Trapp has had a great season for PSG. Photo courtesy

4. Kevin Trapp and Goalkeeping.

PSG has found their goalie in Kevin Trapp. He has posted 12 clean sheets in French Ligue 1 play, which has been helped by the defensive play, but is nonetheless impressive. He is still young, at age 26, which means he can still improve. If Trapp would happen to get hurt or get out of form this season, PSG has Salvatore Sirigu to fill in. He is only 29 years old, but has had an impressive career already. He has lost his starting job to Trapp, but is one of the best backups a team could ask for.

Zlatan is a legend. Photo courtesy

5. Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Zlatan is one of the premier players in the world. He has 17 goals in French Ligue 1, which leads the league, and is always a threat to score. PSG has other offensive options, meaning opponents can’t key on him, making him even more dangerous. He also passes to these other players extremely well. Zlatan has six assists this season in league play, making him even harder to guard. With Zlatan on the pitch PSG is dangerous to break down any defense in the world.

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