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Fantasy Football vs Real Football – Pros and Cons

Fantasy football is a game wherein participants act as managers of a virtual professional football team. Participants get to select actual footballers from a list that consists of all the footballers available in that league. Their team will earn points based on the real-life performances of all the players they have selected. Fantasy football is a spin-off of real football, but it is a more competitive option for participants to earn bragging rights based on their fantasy points. 

Real football, on the other hand, can earn money for people when they wager bets on the outcome of games. Various betting sites allow players to wager money on football bets, and of such sites is Blacktype. Good betting sites are known for exciting sign-up offers, and  Blacktype sign up offer is an enticing one, which makes it a good option for punters. You can find a list of good betting signup offers on Unlike fantasy football, where you can only earn points for taking chances on some players, real football can earn you money when you take your chances on some teams. However, some fantasy football participants can also place bets on their fantasy teams. The origin of fantasy football dates back to as far as 1963.

Pros Of Fantasy Football 

  • It fosters friendly competition: Fantasy football improves cordial relationships between lovers of football. It is a game that requires you to join different leagues with different people, and each member of the league aims to earn as many points as possible, to brag over other members. 

This league may consist of staff members from an organization, friends, families, and even random people who met on the internet. Participants can end up making new friends by playing fantasy football.

  • It improves decision-making: A lot of hard work goes into researching the players to select into a fantasy league. This rigorous process subconsciously helps you to develop a good decision-making ability. 
  • It boosts football knowledge: Unlike a football fan that only watches football because of his favourite team and is only concerned about his team news, fantasy football players are more likely to know detailed information about every team playing in the league. Participants need to be aware of the current situation of every team news in order not to go and field a player that is unavailable for a game in their fantasy squad. 

Cons Of Fantasy Football 

  • Questionable loyalty: As a football lover with a favourite club, you owe your club an unwavering commitment in all situations. This loyalty becomes doubtful when you find yourself in a situation where you have to select a player from a team facing off against your favourite team. 

In such cases, you won’t know if you are to cheer your fantasy player on or wish that they have a stinker against your favourite team, which will, in turn, affect your fantasy points. When you have to make this kind of decision, it becomes clear that your loyalty to your favourite team has been affected by your love for your fantasy team. 

  • It puts players under pressure: Individual performance determines point scoring in fantasy football. As such, participants tend to expect more individual brilliance from players rather than enjoy watching the entire team deliver a good performance. 

When players earn fantasy managers a lot of points, they get praised for it. Also, when a player drops a horrible performance, they get scrutinized. This certainty may put players under a lot of pressure in a bid to get a top-notch performance for managers who have them in their fantasy team. 

  • It causes regrets: People who play fantasy football strive hard to have the right players on their team. However, there is no certainty that the players they have selected will earn them many points. When the players on their fantasy team drop a stinker, managers end up becoming gutted about it. 

It is almost similar to the pain that comes with your favourite team losing a match. Only that this time around, the blame is entirely on you, as you are the manager in charge of your team. It gets worse when you make a wrong decision of taking out a player who eventually drops an incredible performance for another players that had a not-so-good game.

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