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Covid-19, The Premier League and Online Betting

The outbreak of COVID-19 has hit the pause button on everyday life. From a natter with friends over cappuccinos at your local café to holidays abroad, society’s usual activities have stopped, and it all weighs heavy on the economy.

Elite level football has also been postponed in the UK after it emerged that Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta was confirmed to have caught the virus – and in line with the UK Government’s social distancing response. As the MLS and the Premier League is still on hold due to the coronavirus, betting sites in the UK are struggling to maintain their business, but it’s not all bad news.

Online Betting Coping Among Coronavirus Concerns

Sports betting makes up a considerable portion of gambling in the UK, and the success and glamour of the Premier League is a big part of that. With the football postponed, gambling sites have been struggling to maintain typical revenue figures at these times. However, something else is happening right now that is enabling online gambling to stay busy.

Many of the typical gamblers are also staying home. And keeping in line with government advice to self-isolate and stay out of the public as often as possible. This has resulted in more time to fill while at home. And one way to fill that time is by using online betting sites for other types of gambling.

Although there is no football betting going on right now, the number of people interested in betting at online casinos may increase. This includes betting on poker, blackjack, roulette and slot games.

When Will The Premier League Restart?

The Premier League was initially postponed until the first weekend in April. But that has now been moved again until June. However, it is unlikely that any professional footballer will be back on the pitch at this time. Boris Johnson stated that he wants to ‘turn the tide’ within 12 weeks, but even this timeframe has come under criticism for being too short.

So, to answer the question when the Premier League will restart? How long is a piece of string…

Possible Ways to Finish the Season

The timing of the restart will have a significant impact on how the season will be finished and if it is possible at all. Postponing the European Championships for 12 months has helped, but here are some possible solutions to the problem:

  •    Players will play two or three games per week and clubs will introduce less demanding training sessions. It could also be possible to make the matches shorter, although this may go against fair play.
  •    Voiding domestic cup competitions to make way for league games.
  •    Playing a round-robin style competition to finish domestic and European cup competitions, thus freeing up more spare time for league games.
  •    Putting back the start date of next season
  •    Voiding the season altogether.

There is also a legal complexity to the issue as some players are only contracted to clubs until June, and there are TV rights and sponsorship deals to consider as well.

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