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Canadian Championship Semifinals Recap

Canadian Championship Semi-Finals Recap

Ottawa Fury vs Toronto FC

Toronto FC started the game strong.

In the first minute of the game, Marco Delgado got a right-footed shot on goal. In the third minute of the game, they also got another shot on goal.

It wasn’t until the 13th minute that Ottawa Fury got a shot on goal. Jeremy Gagnon-Lapare got a head on the

Canadian Championship Semi-Finals Recap
Imaage courtesy of Mark Blinch

ball but missed the goal.

Toronto made even more of a statement when Drew Moor scored in the 29th minute. Moor’s close-range shot went to the high center of the goal.

In the 64th minute, Ottawa player, Chris Mannella, got a shot off from outside of the box. He shot for the bottom right corner from the left side of the box and the keeper saved it.

Ottawa tried again to tie up the game. Christiano Francois missed to the left of the goal.

It wasn’t until the 84th minute that Toronto got in another shot on goal. Patrick Mullins took a shot from the center of the box but missed it on the left side of the goal.

It was in the 90th minute that Toronto finished up the game 2-0. Tsubasa Endoh got a shot from the left side of the box and got it into the bottom left corner of the goal.

Toronto FC has a 2-0 lead from the first leg of the semi-finals.

Montreal vs Cavalry

Cavalry came out strong by getting a close goal in the first minute of the game that went wide.

In the ninth minute, Montreal tried to score but missed to the right.

Montreal tried again three minutes later when Maximiliano Urruti tried for the bottom left corner of the goal, but it was saved.

In the 14th minute, Cavalry got one more close goal. Then, Montreal started a streak on goals.

Canadian Championship Semi-Finals Recap
Image courtesy of The Canadian Press/ Graham Hughes

Starting in the 25th minute, Montreal attempted to get a goal three times before a play finally worked in their favor. Ignacio Piatti got the ball in the center of the box and shot it up into the top right corner of the goal.

Montreal came out strong in the second half, gaining their second goal in the 48th minute of the game. Piatti got another goal when he got the ball on the left side of the six. He shot it into the top left corner this time and made the game 2-0 for Montreal.

The Cavalry finally started to get back into the game when Jose Escalante attempted to get a goal in the 50th minute. He took a left-footed shot from outside of the box and missed it to the right.

Cavalry got a goal in the 68th minute of the game. Sergio Camargo took a right footed shot from the center of the box that went into the upper right 90.

Montreal got more shots on goal after that, however, none went in.

Montreal won the game 2-1 and is now in the lead for this leg of the semi-finals.


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