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All There Is to Know About Daily Fantasy Soccer for Beginners

Think you know more about soccer than the world’s leading managers? Now, thanks to the emergence of daily fantasy soccer, you can put your knowledge to the test. If you haven’t been living under a rock, you will already know about the nationwide popularity of daily fantasy football, with NFL fans across the US making an annual pilgrimage to hand-pick teams made up of the best players in the leagues – as well as the latest debutants from the NFL Draft. 

Daily fantasy soccer operates on a similar premise, whereby players can enter teams into multiple tournaments every week, as opposed to entering a single team for an entire season. At sites like Fanteam you can enter official tournaments and those created by fellow users, although the official tournaments tend to offer by far the biggest prize pools. The tournaments with the biggest prize pools will typically incur the most expensive buy-ins, so it’s important to select the right tournaments to enable you to play within your means.

What to consider when selecting your daily fantasy soccer teams

First and foremost, when hand-picking players for your daily fantasy soccer team, you need to be aware of who they are playing in real life that game week. You need to be able to predict the players that are going to get the most joy – for example, players in strong teams up against weaker sides. A forward against a bottom half team that leaks goals is more likely to get on the scoresheet and contribute points to your overall daily fantasy team total. Similarly, defenders and goalkeepers facing out-of-form attacks may also prove beneficial, even if they aren’t statistically the best defenders or keepers in the league.

Secondly, it’s also important to try and incorporate players that perform well together in your roster. Look for synergies within Premier League teams. It might be a playmaker that consistently creates chances for a team’s leading scorer. By picking both players you are giving your team the best chance of registering points for both assists and goals.

There are some players that are simply worth paying every cent for. These are the Premier League stars that perform every week, regardless of the opposition. They are worth their weight in gold and should be woven into any daily fantasy soccer team wherever possible. Of course, if you’re blowing the bank on a few star names, it’s also important to use your knowledge to find a host of “value” in-form players, available on the cheap. The key to any successful daily fantasy soccer team is to marry your “elite” players with reliable “value” players or breakthrough starlets overperforming their transfer value.

Of course, it’s vital to do your own research when picking teams. Schoolboy errors include selecting players that are only 50/50 shots at passing fitness tests for upcoming games. If you want to succeed in this daily fantasy soccer business you need to keep your fingers firmly on the pulse of team news, spanning injuries, suspensions and even transfers. If a player has been placed on the transfer list for the next transfer window, it’s highly likely to demotivate said player and result in a poor output on the pitch – if selected.

The beauty of daily fantasy soccer is that there’s always another opportunity to win if you get your selections wrong on any given game week. Unlike conventional fantasy soccer, where you pick a team to play through an entire season, this concept allows you to rip up your team and pick a completely different XI for the next game week. Although daily fantasy sports have been huge in North America for some time, it’s only now beginning to take off in Europe, where soccer fans are acknowledging the skill involved in picking prolific line-ups week in, week out.

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