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Smite Season 9 Update

Smite Season 9 Update

Smite season 9 has officially launched across all platforms bringing in new content for both pro and novice players alike. From new cosmetics to new game mechanics the Smite season 9 update is bringing content for everyone to enjoy.

New Battle Pass

As season 8 comes to a close the Autobots have rolled out and in their absence comes a brand-new battle pass to open Season 9, The Hellfire Syndicate.  For 600 gems players can receive awards such as cosmetics, chests, and skins just for playing the game. The featured gods and goddesses in the pass are as follows:

  • Crimson Kraken – Poseidon skin
  • Miss Misery – Nike skin
  • Devil Punk – Da Ji skin
  • Angel of Death – Thanatos skin

Hellfire Syndicate

Dharmic Era Event

The Smite season 9 update brings in a new event called the Dharmic Era. Every 2 weeks a bundle full of cosmetics will drop. Players who purchase 2 bundles unlock the exclusive Honorable Hero Rama Skin, and those who purchase 4 bundles unlock the unlimited Croaki Loki Skin. Included in the event are mini-quests that players can complete to earn an exclusive Pantheon loading frame.


A new game mode added this update, slash takes the elements of both siege and clash and makes it into its own special mode. With the addition of slash siege and clash, however, will be removed from the normal queue. In doing so they will still be made available in the custom games. Slash will have its own map and will count for all types of progression and relevant quests and will appear in match history.

Conquest Changes

The conquest map has undergone a new change with the introduction of season 9. Besides its new visual look, a new gameplay feature is added, The Obelisks. The Obelisks are a new objective which are banks of power that teams can power up by collecting Offerings. After filling them up with 7 Offerings the team is granted a new jungle buff, Indra’s Scepter

Smite Season 9 New Map


Relics and Glyphs received a major update to their tier systems potentially changing the way players play certain characters as they possess powerful new effects. Relics now have 2 tier 3 options to their upgrading system while certain tier 3 times have new passive abilities.

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