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Rocket League’s Opening Day Postponed Due to Server Issues

RLCS Postponed

After 45 minutes of in-studio analysis, 10 minutes of analyst filibustering and two five minute commercial breaks, Rocket League’s Season 9 kick off stream went offline, with 79,000 viewers watching. NA’s Week 1 of League Play has been postponed to a later date.

Many players have voiced frustration with inconsistent servers in the lead up to Season 9, and Psyonix hoped to address the issues with scheduled maintenance on Thursday, January 30.

The maintenance did not fix the problem. Servers went down 22 hours later on Friday. Rocket League’s official account tweeted that “Server access has fully been recovered,” but an hour later the same account tweeted that game was going offline again, this time citing PsyNet Database issues.

An hour later, the servers were back online. The official account mentioned that Psyonix would continue to investigate the root of the problem.

At 1:11 p.m., just an hour and a half before the beginning of the RLCS Pre-show, the account tweeted that game would go back into maintenance mode. Things weren’t looking good, but half an hour later, the servers were back online.

Just 37 minutes later, Psyonix announced that Saturday’s matches would be postponed. Another 30 minutes passed and Psyonix once again tweeted that the game’s servers were down.

Postponing is a tough decision to make, and this an embarrassing start to a crucial 2020 for Rocket League Esports, but maintaining the integrity of the game ruled to be more important in the end.

Rocket League isn’t the only game that has had server issued this weekend.

It’s not like Psyonix can just shut things down for a few days and get things sorted out either. The play-in tournament for the game’s second division was scheduled for this weekend as well. Can Psyonix ensure quality servers for those players?

Rival Esports, the tournament organizer for today’s play-ins, announced that the tournament will be postponed until 7 EST on Twitter, assuming servers are ready by then.

The turn around before Season 9 was much shorter than usual, but the problems are piling up. Psyonix has asked fans for patience, but has not added any updates about European play tomorrow or when today’s matches will be played.

They did, however, announce that the Season 9 World Championship will be played in Dallas, Texas, from April 24-26.

Featured image courtesy of Psyonix.

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