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Rocket League’s Blueprint Update Dropped Yesterday, and It’s Not Going So Well

Rocket League Blueprint

Well, this hasn’t gone exactly according to the blueprint.

Psyonix unveiled their v1.70 version of Rocket League on Tuesday, and the changes made to the game were pretty massive.

The crate unlocking system has been completely abolished in favor of blueprints. Blueprints are essentially the exact same thing, but opening a blueprint won’t give you the item, but instead show you what was in the crate and offers you a price to purchase the item inside.

It’s actually a pretty novel concept and takes the gambling element that might have made loot box free zones like Belgium and Netherlands queasy completely out of the game.

Blueprints are revealed for free, but crafting the item takes credits, and the prices on items are outlandish in the early going.

Crafting the blueprints is expensive, but buying items for the store is steep, too. The Crimson Fennec was valued at eight keys on Rocket League Insider on Monday of this week but is on sale in the item shop for 1200 credits.

The conversion rate for keys to credits was one key for every one hundred credits, which means the Crimson Fennec went up in value by $4

Rocket League’s item trading community has been healthy and thriving for a long time, and players could get nearly anything they needed for a fair price.

Now the item shop and blueprints update could skew the value of items. As of now, r/RocketLeagueExchange is still the cheapest way to trade for top items. According to the patch notes, credits can be traded, so players might be able to save a few bucks by trading among themselves.

Another problem is that the game’s most experienced players have well over 600 blueprints and in some cases over 1000 blueprints to reveal.

The modders that created Alpha Console created a way to auto-reveal all of the blueprints, but it reportedly caused issues with the game and was removed per Psyonix’s request.

That means PC and console players alike will have to reveal each blueprint one by one to see if there’s any items in there worth crafting.

It’s not all bad, though. The update added a hide item feature that removes items from the car customization screen. They can still be found in the garage, but for Viper users like @Fyshokid it makes life a lot easier.

Every DLC item is now in every player’s inventory as the Showroom went out the door with the update. Psyonix hasn’t announced any plans to refund players who initially paid for DLC content before the update.

Psyonix also unveiled the Titanium White Dominus in the update, but in-game images of the long desired painted variant are sparse in the early going.

Here’s one that Alex “Azfura” Hernandez posted using Bakkes Mod, a client side mod that hacks in items:

Psyonix has not yet made mention of potentially lowering the prices for blueprint items, but as of now, it will cost a pretty penny to craft new items. 

The patch also fixed some minor bugs, kicked off Season 13 of competitive play as well as the start of Rocket Pass 5. Mothers across the globe need to be wary of their credit card spending over the next few weeks.

Featured image courtesy of Psyonix.

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