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TSM Kicked EyeIgnite, and It Wasn’t Exactly Graceful


Nothing like some casual discussion in the comments of a Reddit post to rip a team apart at the seams.

Team SoloMid dropped Jordan “EyeIgnite” Stellon. EyeIgnite accepted a try out for Triple Trouble during the DreamHack: Montreal qualifiers. Triple Trouble player Euan “Tadpole” Ingram posted the tweet announcing EyeIgnite’s inclusion from the team’s official Twitter account on r/RocketLeagueEsports. Chaos ensued.

After a few Redditors commented some questions about the impending move, one of the subreddit’s moderators, u/Duke_ofChutney posted a link to a comment EyeIgnite had made 10 days ago.

TSM Dropped EyeIgnite

Evidently, they were not on the same page. Another user, u/Scrogger19 mentioned that this could be a bad look for EyeIgnite or Remco “Remkoe” den Boer or Otto “Metsanauris” Kaipiainen, his TSM teammates. EyeIgnite’s tryout with Triple Trouble implies he either doubled back on his commitment to TSM, or his teammates decided to move on without him, despite his desire to never have another team.

EyeIgnite confirmed that the latter was true. TSM dropped him.

Remkoe responded, saying, “Actually, neither [sic] of it is true. But anything to start drama I guess. Hoping to clarify in the future”.

A few minutes later, EyeIgnite replied saying, “lol ok. Because for months all were in agreement over that exact subject being discussed in that thread. I don’t know why you commented this when you know it’s [expletive]”.

Remkoe – Courtesy of WSOE

EyeIgnite is referring to the previous thread where he stated that he wanted to continue to play with TSM. The full thread announcing EyeIgnite’s tryout and the subsequent comments can be found here.

Remkoe voiced frustration that the conversation took place in a public forum.

“We have never agreed to ride out our entire careers in this exact same team, I don’t know where you’re getting this from,” Remkoe commented. “This is esports, you know things can/will happen and you’ve been in this exact same boat.”

They sent a couple of other comments, but that was the true end to the conversation. Now EyeIgnite is trying out for Triple Trouble in Andy “Kassio” Landais’ spot.

Aldin “Ronaky” Hodzic stated that the inclusion of EyeIgnite is not permanent. This is a trial run for the English player, but most professional teams don’t try out players during major qualifiers if they’re not serious about bringing them on. If he performs well, the spot is likely his to lose.

EyeIgnite averaged 0.76 GPG and led Team SoloMid in goal scoring. If he does end up with TT, the former Rival Series squad adds a high level striker who had plenty of RLCS experience.

As for TSM, they have an open roster spot with the offseason’s roster movement just beginning. Major free agents like Pierre “Turbopolsa” Silfver could show interest in joining the established duo of Remkoe and Metsanauris.

Kassio will be playing for Veloce Esports in the DreamHack: Montreal qualifier, according to a source close to the team.


Featured image courtesy of WSOE.

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