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RLCS League Play EU: Week One

RLCS League Play

The second day of League Play has come and gone.

This time it was Europe to compete for the best standings at Season 8. Check out what happened in a recap of Day Two.


With both teams coming from the Rival Series, it was expected to be an even match. However, the series featured arguably the worst performance of the day.

For the most part, the ball got stuck in Midfield. Defensive mistakes and a dearth of offensive power made it hard to find an edge on any of the teams, as the first games were decided by one goal for each side.

As the series advanced, Complexity choked. Miscommunication and problems with execution allowed Veloce to keep ball possession and dominate the last games.

With a single goal scored the entire match, Complexity had a lot to Figure out. It was tough to watch.

Match Result: 1 – 3 Veloce


The second match of the day started with the teams pretty comfortable on their plays. Fantastic Midfield Pressure was applied across the entire series, and there were great challenges and incredible execution from both sides. Reciprocity got the first Reverse Sweep of League Play.

Barcelona had the advantage during the first games. A rock-solid defense and a wonderful performance from David “Deevo” Morrow overburdened the French Squad that took several shots on net but were unable to capitalize until late in the series.

Deevo – Photo Credit: Zeebo

With a change of playstyle, Reciprocity could adapt and eventually work things out. Infield passes and shot accuracy were crucial to turning the game around and to force opponents to heed their approach on offense.

There were few mistakes in the series. At the final game of the BO5, a mispositioned Ronaky was unable to save a flying ball across the field. Reciprocity fought their way back and finished on Top.

Match Result: 2 – 3 Reciprocity  


Much was said about Maello “Aztral” Ernst and the Belgian quickly showed why he’s considered the best Roster Change of the season. Dignitas almost got the Reverse Sweep, but a mistake at the final seconds cost them the series victory.

Veloce came in strong. Able to avoid being Boost Starved, the underdogs could position themselves at the right spot to interrupt Dignitas’ passing plays. Both Flame and FreaKii scored beautiful double-tap goals.

After being 2-0’ed, Dignitas needed a game-changing plan. The second half of the series was all about Aztral and his participation on offense. A Backboard pass to ViolentPanda and a Kickoff assist to Yukeo were among the Roster’s highlights. Veloce simply couldn’t stop him anymore.

Aztral – Photo Credit: Stephanie ”Vexanie” Lindgren

The game got physical. With both teams being as annoying as possible, Demo plays were nonstop. Aztral, however, sharp on shooting and passing, managed to keep up the pressure, take victory on game 4 and tie the series.

The best Rocket League Analysts couldn’t predict the outcome of Game Five. Aztral opened the score for Dignitas and Veloce constantly pressured the ball to tie the game. Yukeo scored to regain the advantage and with 16 seconds left on the clock, it looked like the Reverse Sweep was real.

Kassio’s pass found Flame on Midfield and tied the game. With three seconds remaining, FreaKii got too much space and flicked the ball perfectly above ViolentPanda. Veloce got the victory in Game Five.

Match Result: 3 – 2 Veloce



Complexity showed a significant improvement in Defense after their first match earlier. Vitality put 52 shots on target and took the series.

An insane Flip-Reset Goal from Skrub Killa set the pace for the first game. Fairy Peak was too fast for the rivals to follow up. Vitality took the victory with ease.

Game Two was much better for Complexity, as they shut down Kaydop and Scrub, preventing them from putting any shots towards their net and took a 1-0 victory.

Vitality pressured, but Complexity’s defense was solid. Vitality had 22 shots against 16 saves from Complexity. A huge redirect from Kaydop at 78mph took Game 3 in overtime.

Vitality looked strong in the entire series. The current world champions had a great start on League Play and are probably the most dangerous offense in Europe.

Match Result: 1 – 3 Vitality


Last but not least, the match featured incredible moments such as Double-Taps, Flip-Resets, quick counterattacks and the second Reverse Sweep of the day.

Alpha54 – Photo Credit: Zeebo

Kuxir95 was on form. Scoring within five seconds of regulation and pulling off a great Double-Tap, the former world champion pushed his teammates to victory in Game One.

TSM struggled on offense. Mousesports was fast at the challenges and precise at the clears. MOUZ took a 5-1 victory in game two.

In the third game, it looked like everything was over for TSM. Mousesports did not hesitate to attack with everything they had. Alpha54 scored a great 0-second goal to tie the game and change the whole series.

MOUZ started to slow down after the defeat in Game 3. Alpha54 popped off on the last three games, and with 6 goals in a row, the French prodigy got the victory for his team and the second Reverse Sweep of League Play.



The Rookie had a wonderful first day. With great challenges and a strong Midfield presence, he was the catalyst for Veloce’s 2-0 finish. His performance in both defense and offense is definitely something to look out for in the next weeks.


Goals: 5 Assists: Saves: 18 Shots: 20


Featured image courtesy of Rocket League Championship Series.

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