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Ranking All RLCS Players from NA/EU 23-1

Best Rocket League players

Rocket League’s eighth season begins tomorrow. Before it does, The Game Haus wanted to mark this moment in Rocket League history by ranking all 48 Championship Series players. Six analysts were polled and their rankings were compiled into one average based super list.

Special thanks to David “Yumi_cheeseman” Lane, Callum “Shogun” Keir, Brody “Liefx” Moore, Demar “iDazerin” Williams and’s Swami Raman for collaborating with TGH’s Connor Sanders on the piece.

This is part two, and in order to best avoid spoilers, it’s best to read part one here.

23. Maello “AztraL” Ernst – Dignitas

Stats: Did not participate in RLRS or RLCS in Season 7 

Average rank: 22.6

Rank range: 16-29

In a nutshell: A JSTN like level of mechanical wonder, but still an unproven player.


AztraL’s raw potential was worth taking the chance for Dignitas. Yukeo and ViolentPanda are both solid players, and a little bit of pizzazz will completely change their offensive identity. They won’t have to rely solely on the infield pass to score anymore. AztraL is going to have a lot to do for the team to be successful and he’s never played a season of Psyonix sponsored Rocket League before. He might be ready for the RLCS, but he might not be ready to score 0.70 GPG or more like his team needs him to.

22. Hrant “Flakes” Yakoub – Complexity

Stats (Rival Series): (0.92 GPG, 0.48 APG, 1.52 SAPG)

Average rank: 22.4

Rank range: 17-30

Best Rocket League players
Flakes – Courtesy of @ZeeboDesigns on Twitter

In a nutshell: Everything is set up for him to have an Alpha54-like rookie year.


Flakes became one of the 24 best players in the world after just one series in the Rival Series. Maybe the best 1v1 player in the world, and probably hasn’t hit his ceiling yet. He’s got all of the mechanical brilliance of a future star, but needs to prove he can carry a team at the RLCS level in Season 8.  

21. Austin “AyyJayy” Aebi – Rogue

Stats: (0.55 GPG, 0.62 APG, 1.14 SAPG)

Average rank: 22.25

 Rank range: 15-29

In a nutshell: Mechanical menace who gets nuttier by the day. Has some work to do defensively.


Now is the season where all of AyyJayy’s potential needs to translate into production on the field. He’s proven he’s capable of flip reset dunks and clean double taps, but hasn’t established himself as a top ten player. His regular-season production from S7 left a bit to be desired, but he has shown he has the skills needed to make the jump. This is the season where everyone will find out if he can.

20. Jos “ViolentPanda” van Meurs – Dignitas

Stats: (0.54 GPG, 0.50 APG, 0.96 SAPG) 

Average rank: 20.2

Rank range: 15-27

In a nutshell: Took a step back in Season 7, but is still a fast and solid player


Panda needs to bounce back from a nightmare Season 7 campaign where his stats suffered dramatically. The energy was just off for Dignitas and they need a fresh start. It’s crazy that two-thirds of the most dominant Rocket League team are gone just two seasons after the longest RLCS winning streak ever. They’ll need him to play like Season 5 and 6 Panda to make the World Championship

19. Cameron “Kronovi” Bills – Rogue

Stats: (0.62 GPG, 0.41 APG, 1.93 SAPG) 

Average rank: 19.4

Rank range: 12-31

In a nutshell: One of the best all-around players in NA, but could get more involved on offense.


Kro’s defensive ability single-handedly changed the trajectory of Rogue. Wonder and AyyJayy let in 2.52 GPG in Season 6, but when Kronovi arrived they let in 1.93 GPG. They went from the worst defense in NA to the third-best after adding one player. Kronovi does all the little things well, but took a step back offensively with Rogue (0.62 GPG in S7, 0.90 GPG in S6). His 25.35% was 11th in NA, and higher accuracy will take him to the next level.

18. Victor “Ferra” Francal – Team Reciprocity

Stats: (0.83 GPG, 0.67 APG, 1.37 SAPG) 

Average rank: 17.8

Rank range: 11-25

In a nutshell: Nothing flashy, just a whole lot of bangers on net and consistent rotation.


Ferra hits the ball so hard. Every shot he takes tests the goalies, even when it’s not on frame. He’s grown into a consistent scoring threat that defenses have to get out and challenge. He’s got a great connection with his teammates and is quick defensively.

17. Jack “Speed” Packwood-Clarke – Mousesports

Stats: (0.72 GPG, 0.41 APG, 1.55 SAPG) 

Average rank: 16.6

Rank range: 12-24

In a nutshell: Impressive agility and scoring skill, and he’s still getting better with each LAN.


Speed’s emergence toward the end of Season 7 through DreamHack: Montreal has been very impressive. He’s got an eye for absurd angles and rarely hesitates when a reachable ball comes his way. Major breakout candidate heading into Season 8.

16. Dillon “Rizzo” Rizzo – G2

Stats: (0.31 GPG, 0.31 APG, 1.72 SAPG) 

Average rank: 16.6

Rank range: 3-26

Best Rocket League players
Photo Credit: Stephanie ”Vexanie” Lindgren

In a nutshell: Great leader and third man who puts team success before individual stats.


G2’s offense would be nothing without its pivot point, and more often than not Rizzo makes the pass that leads to the assist. Does all of the dirty work in defending the net as well as in eliminating players with demolitions. May see increased production with a more advanced role in Season 8.

15. Emil “Fruity” Moselund – Team Reciprocity 

Stats: (0.50 GPG, 0.73 APG, 1.63 SAPG)

Average rank: 16.2

Rank range: 13-24

In a nutshell: Incredible support player who uses his speed to make plays.


Fruity does all of the little things while consuming and stealing a ton of boost. Only four players in either region used more boost per minute than Fruity, and three still sit ahead of him. Deevo is the only one ranked lower than him who used more. He’s constantly on the move and has a sixth sense for when to cut rotation and make a challenge.

14. Yanis “Alpha54” Champenois – Team SoloMid

Stats: (0.85 GPG, 0.48 APG, 1.44 SAPG)

Average rank: 14.2

Rank range: 5-28

In a nutshell: One of the most creative players in the world walking into a new situation.


Alpha54 is walking into a difficult position after TSM’s mighty struggle to score goals in Season 7. He’s exactly the kind of firecracker the team needed, and TSM’s style fits his skillset snugly. Remkoe and Metsanauris may not be on the same page right away, but once they find the same wavelength, TSM will do a lot of damage on offense with Alpha as the motor, rudder and captain. He won MVP last season for a reason.

13. Francesco “Kuxir97” Cinquemani – Mousesports

Stats: (1.07 GPG, 0.34 APG, 1.76 SAPG) 

Average rank: 13.4

Rank range: 3-17

Best Rocket league players
Photo Credit: Stephanie ”Vexanie” Lindgren

In a nutshell: Still rock solid mechanically and has the best teammates he’s had in awhile.


Small person, massive talent. The way he’s adapted his game to the evolving meta has been incredible and he still is the pace car for his team. His shooting accuracy is incredible (31%) given the volume of shots he took (100, 2nd in EU). Ronaky took 105 shots with a 20% conversion rate for comparison’s sake. Kux has had mediocre seasons in his past, but he always bounces back.

T-11. Pierre “Turbopolsa” Silfver – NRG

Stats: (0.69 GPG, 0.23 APG, 1.58 SAPG) 

Average rank: 9.8

Rank range: 6-14

In a nutshell: Didn’t have great results in Season 7, but still is a top-flight player.


Turbopolsa scored almost the exact same amount of GPG that Jayson “Fireburner” Nunez did in Season 7. Fireburner played for the second-best offense in RLCS history. Turbopolsa played for a team that could barely muster 1.59 GPG. He’s going to have a huge year for NRG. Turbo’s instincts for where the ball is headed combined with the confidence he has in his teammates is unmatched.

T-11. Reed “Chicago” Wilen – G2

Stats: (0.83 GPG, 0.79 APG, 1.45 SAPG)

Average rank: 9.8

Rank range: 8-13

In a nutshell: Challenged for NA MVP and still has more upside. Rock-solid mechanically.


Chicago is a sweet striker of the ball, but he’s also great at thinking on his feet. He often attacks the ball in a way that doesn’t tip his hand until the last moment. He’s creative when it comes to passing and is very reliable defensively. Has a chance to crack the top five by the end of the season, and his potential is the greatest chance G2 has to raise their ceiling.

10. Jacob “JKnaps” Knapman – G2

Stats: (0.79 GPG, 0.62 APG, 1.76 SAPG) 

Average rank: 9

Rank range: 4-13

In a nutshell: One of the best all-around players in the world when he’s in good form.


JKnaps was approaching divine levels of Rocket League at the World Championship. He destroys his shots and finds the corners of the net with uncanny accuracy. He’s a great backboard defender and can shoot around multiple goalkeepers like it’s free-play. He has experienced some ups and downs in form, but is pretty close to unstoppable when he’s on.


T-8. Kyle “Torment” Storer – Cloud9

Stats: (0.63 GPG, 0.48 APG, 1.59 SAPG) 

Average rank: 8.6

Rank range: 4-14

In a nutshell: Immovable object when he’s at his best. Maybe the best defender in the world.


Torment is known for his defense, but Cloud9 are at their best when he’s flexing on offense. The best teams have figured this out and do everything they can to keep Torment out of the game. No player in either region used less boost than him, and perhaps no other player has the mechanical patience to play alongside his teammates. Maybe the most underrated Rocket League player of his generation.

T-8. Jesus “Gimmick” Parra – Cloud9

Stats: (0.74 GPG, 0.74 APG, 1.63 SAPG)

Average rank: 8.6

Rank range: 6-12 

Best rocket league players
Photo credit: Todd Gutierrez

In a nutshell: Incredible mechanical skill, but struggles to get going at times. Mr. Everything.


Gimmick can pull off a quick flick, a flip reset, an obnoxious pass and a ceiling shot within 30 seconds of one another and no one would even raise an eyebrow. Torment masks a lot of his defensive shortcomings, but he deserves credit for leading the team in SAPG and improving in that department. It’s hard for Squishy and Torment to do what they do if Gimmick isn’t making plays. Their team is interconnected for better and for worse.

7. Mariano “Squishy” Arruda – Cloud9

Stats: (0.85 GPG, 0.41 APG, 1.30 SAPG) 

Average rank: 8.4

Rank range: 2-12

In a nutshell: Fastest player in the world, capable of the most difficult mechanics in the game.


Only Deevo and Alpha54 used more boost per minute than Squishy in Season 7. Incredibly, Squishy was sixth to last in boost collected from small pads. He steals and defends the full boosts well and can pull off an array of mechanical wonders. Squishy also has a great feel for how much time he has to get back to net. He pulls into the back post at the perfect time with impressive regularity. One of the most terrifying pop-off candidates in the game.

T-5. Justin “JSTN” Morales – NRG

Stats: (1.00 GPG, 0.74 APG, 2.15 SAPG)

Average rank: 6.8

Rank range: 1-20

In a nutshell: Has a chance to go down as the best offensive player of all time.


Kind of shocking that he isn’t in the top three, but here we are. JSTN is coming off an unreal Season 7, and his team somehow got more talented. He may have a chance of breaking Garrett “GarrettG” Gordon’s ludicrous League Play record of 1.25 GPG set in Season 5.

T-5. Victor “Fairy Peak!” Locquet – Renault Vitality

Stats: (0.76 GPG, 0.60 APG, 2.56 SAPG) 

Average rank: 6.8

Rank range: 2-11

In a nutshell: Overqualified third man whose decision making greatly improved in Season 7.


The only knock on Fairy Peak was his recklessness in double committing. He must really have not trusted his team, or they just had horrendous communication skills back in Season 6, because they were stumbling all over each other. His discipline and mechanical ability makes him incredibly difficult to score on. It would be like sticking Giannis Antetokoumpo in goal for Greece but with 10,000+ hours worth of training.

T-3. Kyle “Scrub Killa” Robertson – Renault Vitality

Stats: (1.00 GPG, 0.84 APG, 1.32 SAPG) 

Average rank: 6

Rank range: 2-11

In a nutshell: The prophecy has come. Scrub Killa is clearly one of the five best players in the world.


Scrub Killa is the most consistently filthy player in the world. He doesn’t really have any weaknesses, and his mechanical brilliance enables his aggressive playstyle. He may be the best in the world in terms of understanding how his inputs will affect his car. Scrub has this game running through his veins and he reads it like he’s been playing since he was six.

T-3. Thibault “Chausette45” Grzesiak – Team Reciprocity

Stats: (0.77 GPG, 0.37 APG, 2.17 SAPG) 

Average rank: 6

Rank range: 3-12

In a nutshell: The best player in the world when he’s at his best. Unreal mechanics and speed.


C45 loves to stay behind the ball. In fact, in Season 7, no player from either region stayed behind the ball or on his own defensive half more. Chausette loves to set up plays in front of him, and when he has even a half-second of free space he can completely unlock the defense. Brilliant in transition and any time the ball bounces on the ground.

2. Garrett “GarrettG” Gordon – NRG

Stats: (1.04 GPG, 0.74 APG, 1.22 SAPG)

Average rank: 3.8

Rank range: 1-6

In a nutshell: Model of consistency with the flair needed to make big plays in big moments. 


No one reads the game better than Garrett. He’s also a very vocal leader, but seems to have taken a different approach with Turbopolsa in the squad. He seems more relaxed when matches start and has unmatched swagger. It’s tough to explain, but Garrett commands a lot of respect. His mere presence strikes enough fear into his opponents that he can go for fake flip resets.

1. Alexandre “Kaydop” Courant – Renault Vitality

Stats: (1.00 GPG, 0.76 APG, 1.64 SAPG)

Average rank: 2

Rank range: 1-6

In a nutshell: Kaydop can do no wrong, and his position as the greatest of all time is tough to challenge. 

Photo Credit: Todd Gutierrez


No one could have seen this coming. Kaydop puts so much pressure on defenses. He makes world-class defenders second guess themselves because he can spray the ball all over the net from nearly any angle. He’s not really an insanely flashy player anymore. He just comes in, scores his goals and wins World Championships. He’s still far and away the king of the hill three seasons after his first World Championship.

Extra notes:


Highest variance players: Caden “Sypical” Pellegrin 22-47, Rizzo 3-26, Alpha 54 5-28

Highest ranked newcomers: Flakes 22, AztraL 23, Retals 29, Gyro 30


Teams ranked by their combined averages:


1.Renault Vitality 4.9

  1. NRG 6.8
  2. Cloud9 8.5
  3. G2 11.8
  4. Team Reciprocity 13.3
  5. Mousesports 18.5
  6. Dignitas 22.35
  7. TSM 25.8
  8. Rogue 26.1
  9. Complexity 30.1
  10. Pittsburgh Knights 31.4
  11. FC Barcelona 32.3
  12. Spacestation 33.6
  13. Ghost 33.9
  14. Veloce 41.3
  15. Birds and the Beez 43.8


North American League Play begins Saturday, Oct. 5, beginning at 3 p.m. EDT on Rocket League is finally back, fellas.


Featured image courtesy of Stephanie “Vexanie” Lindgren for DreamHack.

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