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Ranking All RLCS Players from NA/EU 48-24 Feat. Shogun, Liefx and yumi_cheeseman

Best Rocket League Players

Six analysts. 48 players. Two regions. One list.

Before the start of the Rocket League Championship Series’ eighth season, The Game Haus set out to rank all 48 players from North America and Europe. Seven analysts were polled and the rankings were compiled into one spreadsheet. 

After compiling the averages from each analyst the list emerged. The analysts were asked to rank their best players heading into Season 8, not the greatest of all time or most important. The best all-around players in the world from 48 to 1. First let’s meet the contributors.

The analysts:

David “Yumi_Cheeseman: Former Australian Rocket League commentator and World Championship desk analyst.

Brody “Liefx” Moore: RLCS desk host and host of SQUAD.

Callum “Shogun” Keir: Rocket League caster.

Demar “Dazerin” Williams: Rocket League caster and Skirmish Invitational mastermind.

Swami Raman: Rocket League writer for

Connor Sanders: Rocket League writer for The Game Haus. Connor organized, compiled and wrote the player blurbs for this list.

No use in postponing any longer. This is the rank from 48-1 of every RLCS player from North America and Europe. Rank range is the range between the highest and lowest rating they received from the analysts.

The List:

  1. Jackson “Ayjacks” Carter – Birds and the Beez

Stats: Ayjacks did not play in RLCS or Rival Series in Season 7, and thus has no stats.

Average rank: 46.25 

Rank range: 44-48

In a nutshell: Interesting prospect with everything to prove.


Ayjacks is the most unproven commodity in the Championship Series, but showed his skill with a nasty double tap against Renault Vitality at DreamHack: Dallas. He’s going to have a heavily analyzed rookie season since there isn’t much game film of his play available at RLCS/RLRS level. He finished sixth in GPG during RLRS Season 6, and seventh in assists. May have a lot of catching up to do in Season 8. 

  1. Raul “Roll Dizz” Diaz – Birds and the Beez

Stats (Rival Series): (0.76 GPG, 0.72 APG, 1.03 SAPG)

Average rank: 43.25

Rank range: 41-47

Best Rocket League Players
Roll Dizz- Courtesy of Todd Gutierrez for DreamHack

In a nutshell: Solid player that may struggle with defensive duties at the highest level.


Roll Dizz was a beast in the Rival Series, but his lack of noise in the offseason seems a bit troubling. Birds and the Beez made no appearance at any of the offseason LANs, but they may have been on an unholy grind this whole time and just kept things under wraps. Roll Dizz may struggle defensively against RLCS competition as he finished last in SAPG in the Rival Series.

  1. Sandro “FreaKii” Holzwarth – Veloce Esports

Stats (Rival Series): (0.52 GPG, 0.62 APG, 1.66 SAPG) 

Average rank: 42

Rank range: 36-48

In a nutshell: Good defender who has struggled with shot accuracy in the past.


FreaKii has a very interesting relationship with the crossbar. He seems to have a real affinity launching shots a fraction too high and then sprinting back to defend the long rebound. FreaKii hasn’t proved himself at the RLCS level, but has been on the fringes for a while now. Veloce are heavy underdogs coming into the season, and part of the reason is FreaKii’s struggles on offense.

  1. Colby “Hockser” James – Birds and the Beez

Stats (Rival Series): (0.62 GPG, 0.62 APG, 1.41 SAPG)

Average rank: 41.75

Rank range: 37-45

In a nutshell: Bright future, but isn’t in a great situation heading into Season 8.


Hockser is the last remaining connection to the Afterthought squad that made a Cinderella run to WSOE, and his balanced skill set proved invaluable in the Rival Series. The issue may arise in keeping pace with RLCS decisiveness. Everything moves quicker now, and each movement needs to be more precise. Hockser might not be on that level yet, but he’s got a bright future ahead after making the RLCS in just his first Psyonix sponsored season.

  1. Jack “FlamE” Pearton – Veloce Esports

Stats (Rival Series): (0.86 GPG, 0.55 APG, 1.52 SAPG) 

Average rank: 41.5

Rank range: 38-47

In a nutshell: Mechanically gifted player with an up and down career path.


FlamE can pull off some impressive plays, but has been through the Rival Series cycle since Season 4. Won’t have as much space to make defenders miss in the RLCS, but will benefit from Kassio’s versatility. Another player with a lot to prove.

  1. Andy “Kassio” Landais – Veloce Esports

Stats: (0.57 GPG, 0.33 APG, 1.43 SAPG) 

Average rank: 40.5

Rank range: 35-46

In a nutshell: Does a lot of things well, but isn’t great at anything.


Kassio didn’t finish in the top or bottom five of any traditional statistical category besides assists in Season 7. He evidently didn’t like his chances with Euan “Tadpole” Ingram and Jordan “EyeIgnite” Stellon, and he’ll have a much greater offensive role with Veloce. He was the best offensive player in the Rival Series just two seasons ago, and now he’ll have a chance to flex that ability. He can play a more defensive role as well. Kassio is the lowest ranked player returning from RLCS Season 7.

  1. Braxton “Allushin” Lagarec – Ghost Gaming

Stats: (0.41 GPG, 0.48 APG, 1.59 SAPG) 

Average rank: 39.5

Rank range: 26-43

In a nutshell: Decent role player trying to find footing in the RLCS ecosystem.


Allushin had a terrible start to Season 7 but really turned things around from Week 3 on. This will be Allushin’s fourth RLCS season, but he’s never played on a team good enough to challenge for a LAN position. Ghost are in a state of transition right now, and that streak may extend a season longer. Plays a role similar to Emil “Fruity” Moslund for Reciprocity, but without stealing and using as much boost. Allushin is the lowest ranked player returning from NA.

  1. Remco “Remkoe” den Boer – Team SoloMid

Stats: (0.47 GPG, 0.41 APG, 1.59 SAPG) 

Average rank: 37.75

Rank range: 24-44

In a nutshell: Solid defender who took a step back last season.


Remkoe and the rest of TSM played fast but predictable Rocket League in Season 7 and were heavily reliant on their opponent’s mistakes. Against organized defenses like Dignitas and PSG they couldn’t do much of anything. Yanis “Alpha54” Champenois will open up a lot of opportunities for Remkoe, who is a strong candidate for a bounce back season.

  1. Massimo “Atomic” Franceschi – Ghost Gaming
Best Rocket League players
Photo Credit: Stephanie ”Vexanie” Lindgren

Stats: None. Did not compete in RLRS or RLCS due to suspension

Average rank: 37

Rank range: 27-47

In a nutshell: Unknown commodity looking to outplay his past.


Atomic was suspended for playing under another player’s account leading into Season 5 of the Rival Series. He was banned for a year from competitive play but earned a spot on Ghost. He’s been around RLCS level since he was suspended and he wasn’t even 15 years-old then. Now he has the chance to show off his value. If Ghost play the same defensive style they used last year, Atomic will be asked to break the opponent’s pressure with passes and dribble plays often.

T-38. Nicholas “Wonder” Blackerby – Rogue

Stats: (0.76 GPG, 0.48 APG, 1.34 SAPG) 

Average rank: 36.75

Rank range: 28-45

In a nutshell: Had great moments in Season 7 but was inconsistent.


Wonder tends to meander too far forward a little too often. He spent more time in the opponent’s third than anyone but Reed “Chicago” Wilen in either region. Perhaps he could stand to rotate all the way back more. This is the first RLCS season that Wonder will play as a full time player, and he could see an uptick in production from focusing entirely on the game in Season 8.

T-38. Marius “gReazymeister” Ranheim – Complexity Gaming

Stats (Rival Series): (0.76 GPG, 0.48 APG, 1.48 SAPG)

Average rank: 36.75

Rank range: 32-41

In a nutshell: Basically a more defensive Roll Dizz who won a World Championship in Season 2.


While gReazy isn’t a spectacular player, he is a solid striker and competent defender. He’s worked hard to stay at RLCS level but hasn’t made LAN since Season 3. Good, solid player that hasn’t found the same level of success he had with Flipsid3 Tactics

  1. Tshaka “Arsenal” Taylor – Spacestation Gaming

Stats (Rival Series): (0.70 GPG, 0.85 APG, 1.22 SAPG) 

Average rank: 36


Best Rocket League players
Photo Credit: Stephanie ”Vexanie” Lindgren

Rank range: 24-44


In a nutshell: Dollar store Mognus with more scoring ability and less defensive prowess


Arsenal is a great playmaker, but could stand to improve his shooting accuracy. He shot just 22.35% in the Rival Series, and the nets he’ll be attacking in Season 8 will be even more heavily guarded. Some missed shots lead to goals, but Arsenal might struggle to find a rhythm offensively in his first RLCS season.

  1. Aldin “Ronaky” Hodzic – FC Barcelona

Stats: (0.70 GPG, 0.50 APG, 1.73 SAPG) 

Average rank: 34

Rank range: 29-40

In a nutshell: True striker with passable defensive chops.


Ronaky led EU in shots per game last season, but only converted one in five chances. Euan “Tadpole” Ingram had to make a lot of plays to open things up for Ronaky, and Bluey and Deevo are very different players. He’ll score a lot of one touch redirects in Barcelona’s speedy offense and is a good defender given his offensive output. He’s a completely different player than Alpha54, but brings good shooting ability to the table.

T-34. Caden “Sypical” Pellegrin – Spacestation Gaming

Stats: (0.66 GPG, 0.45 APG, 1.48 SAPG) 

Average rank: 33.5

Rank range: 22-47


Sypical had some moments, like when he knocked in eight goals against Evil Geniuses, but ultimately failed to make a statement in Season 7. He’s his team’s best offensive threat, and with Arsenal’s passing ability will see more chances to score. He’ll need to score often for Spacestation to have success in Season 8. He also had an absurdly large rank range. Some think he’s above average, others think he’s barely RLCS level.

T-34. Nick “mist” Costello – Pittsburgh Knights

Stats (Rival Series): (0.97 GPG, 0.59 APG, 1.62 SAPG) 

Average rank: 33.5

Rank range: 30-36

In a nutshell: Rival Series star could have success at the next level.


Mist was the second best player in NA’s Rival Series in Season 7. He scored the most points (goals + assists) and was fourth in shooting percentage. He was out of his mind at DreamHack: Montreal and has pretty impressive pop off potential. Could stand to be a little more patient on offense.

  1. Daniel “Bluey” Bluett – FC Barcelona

Stats: (0.44 GPG, 0.56 APG, 1.56 SAPG) 

Average rank: 33

Rank range: 29-40

In a nutshell: Aggressive player who will be tasked to create the majority of his team’s chances.


Bluey is in a tough spot. Alpha54 leaves a massive hole in chance creation, and Ronaky is much more of a finisher than a playmaker. That means the lion’s share of passing will fall to Bluey, who strives best in an advanced role to cause havoc on opposing defenses. No player is more aggressive in going after hard to reach balls than Bluey, but it may not be enough to score the amount they did last season.

  1. Alexandre “AxB” Bellemare – Spacestation Gaming

Stats: (0.48 GPG, 0.48 APG, 1.17 SAPG) 

Average rank: 31.25

Rank range: 22-44

In a nutshell: Relatively unimpressive Season 7 statistically, but has a chance to become NA’s next great third man.


There are plenty of great players whose contribution to the team doesn’t show up on the score sheet, but AxB was near the bottom in every category but assists last season. He’s the pivot point of Spacestation’s attack. When he keeps the ball in the opposing half with a good challenge or outplay, they can continue to bombard the net. When he doesn’t they get scored on. Could stand to make more defensive plays and be a hungrier vulture in front of net.

  1. Joonas “Mognus” Salo – Complexity Gaming

    Best Rocket League Players
    Photo Credit: Stephanie ”Vexanie” Lindgren

Stats (Rival Series): (0.52 GPG, 0.80 APG, 1.48 SAPG) 

Average rank: 31

Rank range: 18-38

In a nutshell: Great passer who can be a bit predictable at times.


Mognus has had a long successful career, and he’s always been the unsung hero on his teams. His passing has always been world class and he has a knack for reading where the ball will fall coming off of challenges. He’s a prime candidate to take a step backward in Season 8, given his age and struggle to create chances in Season 6.

  1. Jirair “ExplosiveGyro” Papazian – Pittsburgh Knights

Stats (Rival Series): (0.63 GPG, 0.70 APG, 1.78 SAPG) 

Average rank: 30.8 

Rank range: 19-37

In a nutshell: Good defender who has enough flair to make big plays.


Gyro got quite a bump from his spectacular DreamHack: Montreal performance. Before then he probably would have fallen in the mid 30s or early 40s, but he proved that he’s more than just a goaltender. Having a third man that can score from anywhere is such a blessing for a team. His defensive skill will be key for Peepsburgh if they want to make LAN in Season 8.


  1. Slater “Retals” Thomas – Pittsburgh Knights

Stats (Rival Series): (1.07 GPG, 0.48 APG, 1.11 SAPG) 

Average rank: 30

Rank range: 26-35

In a nutshell: Great striker who will asked to defend more often at the RLCS level.


Retals was the true breakout star from DreamHack: Montreal, but he’s been rolling since the start of Season 7. He dominated the Rival Series and is carrying a lot of momentum into Season 8. It will be interesting to watch Pittsburgh Knights get stuck in their own half against the likes of NRG and Cloud9. Retals wants to get forward in transition, but he won’t have as many opportunities unless his teammates step up in Season 8.

  1. David “Deevo” Morrow – FC Barcelona

Stats: (0.74 GPG, 0.37 APG, 1.52 SAPG) 

Average rank: 29.75

Rank range: 23-41

In a nutshell: A time buying third man who is also confident in offensive duties.


Deevo’s career has evolved nicely from superstar mechanical beast to high level role player. He still uses a ton of boost, but now he uses it to stay close to the ball and lock down the midfield. His ability to stall is incredible, and he’ll be asked to play janitor to Ronaky’s saved shots in Season 8.

  1. Linus “al0t” Möllergren – Mousesports

Stats: (0.79 GPG, 0.45 APG, 1.66 SAPG) 

Average rank: 25.6

Rank range: 16-36

In a nutshell: Still a great striker whose defensive ability has improved over time.


Ever since al0t left Complexity he’s spent less and less time in front of the ball. He still was ahead of the ball more than anyone in either region, but he’s committing to the defensive end more and more without sacrificing his offensive output. Mouz have looked impressive in the offseason, and they won’t ask too much from al0t. He may be in for another monster fantasy season.

  1. Otto “Metsanauris” Kaipiainen – Team SoloMid
Best Rocket League Players
Photo Credit: Stephanie ”Vexanie” Lindgren

Stats: (0.54 GPG, 0.54 APG, 1.39 SAPG) 

Average rank: 25.4

Rank range: 19-32

In a nutshell: Struggled in Season 7, but still does all the little things well.


Metsa is going to see a major bump in production with Yanis “Alpha54” Champenois as his new teammate. Alpha can make something of nothing like few others can, and Metsa’s ability to find him in space will prove crucial to the season. His Season 7 regression may have just been a blip on the radar.

T-24. Michael “Memory” Moss – Ghost Gaming

Stats: (0.81 GPG, 0.26 APG, 1.85 SAPG) 

Average rank: 25.25 

Rank range: 19-37

In a nutshell: Rock solid Dominus player who will have even more to do on offense in Season 8.


Memory scored more goals per game than JKnaps, Fireburner and Gimmick in Season 7. He finished sixth in the region despite his team finishing second to last in goals per game. He’s going to take the lion’s share of his team’s shots in Season 8. He was the best non NRG player in NA in terms of shooting percentage last season.

T-24. Maurice “Yukeo” Weihs – Dignitas

Stats: (0.38 GPG, 0.62 APG, 1.88 SAPG) 

Average rank: 24.25

Rank range: 19-31

In a nutshell: Solid defender with impressive mechanical efficiency.


Season 7 was really weird for Dignitas, and especially for Yukeo. Dignitas had the region’s worst offense by far, but still managed to win three series. Yukeo was part of their offensive woes, but he wasn’t supposed to be the main scorer. He won’t need to do that this season either. He’s very good at the back and can get to awkward balls quickly. Most improved player candidate right here.


Make sure to return for part two of the list before Season 8 League Play begins Saturday, Oct. 5.

Featured image courtesy of Hannah Smith for DreamHack.

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