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Rainbow Six Siege NA Pro League US Division Power Rankings: Can TSM Take The Crown?

After this past Pro League season ended, the Rainbow Six: Siege competitive landscape changed forever. No longer would the traditional Pro League system continue, but a new one would be created. This is the first in a series of articles breaking down the R6 Pro League regions where TGH sees where teams stand going into the new seasons. This division is home to all of the familiar faces of the North American Siege scene like TSM, Spacestation Gaming (SSG), and DarkZero Esports. This will be a ranking and breakdown of the eight teams in the US Divison of the NA Pro League. Without further adieu, here is a look at the Rainbow Six Siege North American Pro League US Division going into Season One, Stage One. 

Where to Watch:

Make sure to watch the first day of the Rainbow Six American League NA Divison on Monday, June 22 at 6:00 P.M. EST on or the Rainbow Six Esports channel on YouTube. There, fans will see some of the best teams in the world playing Siege being cast by the likes of Stoax, Blu, KiXSTAr, and Interro with Velly, Jesse Chick, and Jacki Jing on the desk.

Team Power Rankings

1. TSM

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2019 was the year of TSM. They signed Rainbow Six: Siege prodigy Beaulo when he came of age and rising star Merc. Then they finished top eight in the 2019 Raleigh Major losing to G2 Esports in the quarterfinals. TSM followed that up with a win at Dreamhack Montreal to qualify them for the Six Invitational. After a third-place finish at the Six Invitational and a second-place finish in pro league last season by a single point, TSM look to finally take the crown of NA Pro League. All but one player had a player rating under 1.05 lasts season and that player is now their coach. The team’s addition of Chala from Pogchamp should be interesting. He is taking the place of their former support player Pojoman, but is not really a support player. He was the second-best player in all of NA Challenger league last season and will look to provide a team full of firepower with another gun. TSM is armed and ready to fight SSG.

2. Spacestation Gaming

Image Courtesy of SiegeGG
  • Roster Changes: None

The world champs return the same starting six that they won the 2020 Six Invitational Champions with. Fultz, Rampy and Bosco look to continue the tear they went on last season. Rampy and Fultz had the highest player ratings and kill death plus-minuses in all of NA last season. That does not account for Bosco who had the ninth best player rating of the 45 players in NA last season or Thinkingnade and every Siege fan’s favorite IGL Canadian. This team could easily win, but TSM has more upside. If one gets the chance, make sure to listen to the Six on Six podcast hosted by R6 caster Interro and Spacestation’s IGL Canadian where they talk about Competitive Siege and interview other players.

3. DarkZero Esports

Image Courtesy of DarkZero Esports

DarkZero is always the bridesmaid of the NA Siege scene and never the bride. They finished top three the last three seasons in NA Pro League, including one win, but finished second at the Season 10 Finals and top eight at the 2020 Six Invitational. This roster is led by Hyper who was one of the best overall players in NA last season. Skys and Ecl9pse are the rosters secondary fraggers while Mint and HotanCold share diffuser duties. This team’s fundamentally sound gameplay will look to carry them, it is just a question of how far can they go? 

4. Oxygen Esports (Formerly Team Reciprocity)

Image Courtesy of SiegeGG

Oyxgen Esports are the former Team Reciprocity lineup that finished fourth last season in NA. This roster when they are on can beat any team in NA. In fact, they were the only team that beat SSG and TSM last Pro League season. FoxA, VertcL, and LaXIng are all very talented players who can carry a team on any given day. Slashug and b1ologic meanwhile fill out this roster and provide a stable base. This roster likely will not break into the top two, but they have a good chance to finish above DarkZero.

5. Tempo Storm

Image Courtesy of Tempo Storm

Tempo Storm are Creators’ world and the rest of the roster is just living in it. He was the only player on the team to finish with a player rating above 1.10, let alone 1.00. Mark and Dream fill the secondary fragging role for this team while Sloppy and Krazy fill out the roster. If this roster wants to rise in the rankings, they need to improve their gameplay greatly. The only wins that came against teams ranked above them last season were against what used to be Team Reciprocity. Much like BDS Esport in EU, if Creators dies TempoStorm are likely not winning the round.

6. eUnited

Image Courtesy of @Alphama_R6

eUnited having an NA roster, yes that is a thing. This is potentially the sleeper roster of the NA scene this year. While they went 1-2-3 in six matches versus the top three ranked teams, two of those losses were one round win away from ending in a draw. This roster is lead by their French fragger Alphama. In his short stint last season he was one of the best players in NA Siege. His brothers in arms Forrest and Gryxr fill in the secondary fragging roles while Yeti and Callout fill the typical roamer and support roles. There is a world where this team finishes fourth or higher in NA Pro League. Will it happen though?

7. Disrupt Gaming

  • Roster Changes: None

Disrupt Gaming are a mix of long time R6 players and young bloods. This team is lead by Retro who played in the first season of NA Pro League back in 2016. He is joined by other long time players in shuttle and Nyx who most recently played for Team Reciprocity before being benched. These familiar faces are paired with new ones. Drip, Thumbus and Read are relatively new faces to the pro Siege scene with this being many of their first Pro League rosters. The big unknown on this roster is njr. By all reports, he was a god in the open tournament scene. Now that he is finally of age he signed with Disrupt Gaming. This team is full of unknowns, so for now they sit here.

8. Susquehanna Soniqs

Image Courtesy of SiegeGG

Is there a less interesting roster in NA? The Soniqs are full of players who used to play for GiFu eSports in EU, players who used to play for Rogue when they were in NA, and a brand new face in Iconic. Easilyy is by far the most well-known name on this entire roster. His career started in 2016 on teams like OnSlaught Gaming, Lethal Gaming, and Elevate. Eventually, he would become a recognizable face on Rogue where he spent just over two years during the team’s successful international run. While this team is more established than Disrupt Gaming, their upside is monumentally lower which is why they are currently last.

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