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League of Legends PUBG

When is the PUBG Mobile Arcane Release Date

PUBG Mobile Arcane release date

In an interesting turn of events, PUBG Mobile celebrates League of Legends Arcane. The PUBG Mobile Arcane release date was announced in PUBG Mobile’s recent Twitter post. Set to release on November 16, the collaboration took the world by surprise. There may be a unique game mode releasing alongside the event, but no details were officially revealed.

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In the revealed image, champions Jayce, Vi, Caitlyn, and Jinx reach for a glowing orb. The orb spills out light, likely a key objective that provides some form of advantage during the limited time Arcane Event. Sprinkled in the crowd are the usual PUBG figureheads. On the post, they stated “Are you #TeamPiltover or #TeamZaun?” The event will likely allow players to choose and support one of the two teams, utilizing a reward system to stack up points for the player’s appropriate side. In addition, the champions are likely purchasable skins.

For those unaware, PUGB Mobile is a battle royal phone first person shooter phone game. On the other hand, League of Legends is a world famous 5v5 competitive team game. Now, what about Arcane?


PUBG Mobile Arcane release date

Courtesy of Tencent Games

As an animated television show, Riot Game’s Arcane releases on Netflix on November 6. Boasting amazing production, the show revolves around the regions of Piltover and Zaun. Two regions, although adjacent to one another, are deeply segregated. Piltover utilizes all the resources from both regions to advance its technology, while Zaun faces the unfair repercussions of a divided class.

The two main characters, Jinx and Vi, are sisters living in the wastelands of Zaun. Arcane’s story follows the two as they face the harsh realities of the world. One sister grows insane while the other expresses her emotional turbulence through violence and anger. Both a result of their environment, Jinx and Vi portray a torn sisterhood attempting to correct the world in their own ways.

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