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What Does PUBG Mobile Have to Offer?

PUBG Mobile

As the brand of PUBG continues to change and keep its spot in the public eye, PUBG Mobile continues to grow and expand. PUBG Mobile is now on its eleventh season, and it keeps upping the game, constantly adding new features and ways for players to grow. It is a worldwide phenomenon that is attracting more players to the franchise who haven’t had the chance to hop on a console of PC version. What all does PUBG Mobile currently have to offer?

Player Customization

PUBG Mobile
Image courtesy of Bain Lindeman

One huge difference that PUBG Mobile sports from its PC and console counterparts comes in the player customization department. There are so many options for your character to wear. Alongside that, you can play as a completely different character all together. Besides the character that represents you, you can player as Victor or Sara. These two characters have exclusive outfits that only they can wear, and just an all-around different feel to them. Although most players tend to stick to their own character, these two bring something new to the table.


PUBG Mobile also gives you the option to unlock a companion. This companion is a falcon that will join you in your battles, and give you the chance to show off to you opponents. It currently doesn’t have too much of a purpose besides following you around, but it may get an update in the future that adds a lot to its functionality.


Synergy is another interesting feature that encourages players to continue to build relationships with their friends in the game. As you build up synergy with a player, you can add them under lover, bffs, buddies, or bromances. Once you gain a partner, you will be able to have them appear alongside you when players view your profile. Be sure to work hard with your friends so you can show off a dynamic duo to the world.


PUBG Mobile
Image courtesy of Bain Lindeman

PUBG Mobile also has the game option called EvoGround. EvoGround has all of your classic shooter game types like team deathmatch and domination. This allows players to take a break from the normal battle royale and expand their skills with faster games. They are always introducing new game modes under EvoGround that are similar to what you might see in a Call of Duty or Halo game. These different game types keep things exciting, and give players plenty of options to keep them coming back to the game.


PUBG Mobile
Image courtesy of PUBG Corp

On top of all of these special features, PUBG Mobile is constantly stepping up its Esports competitions. Anyone can enter and have their shot at glory. Players get a chance to fight for huge prize pools that rival that of the main Esport leagues. It is always a grind for the hardcore players who are trying to prove that they are the best, but someone new comes along every time. You can even get on and have your shot at being a champion of Chicken Dinners. Winners are immortalized and get put on display for all players to see while waiting to drop into a match.

Don’t miss out on all the fun. Hop on and start your battle on PUBG Mobile.

Tune in for more coverage of PUBG.


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