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Twire PCS5 Fantasy PUBG: Most Underrated Picks

Today announced the newest feature on their site, fantasy PUBG. These tournaments would be similar to HLTV’s classic fantasy tournaments. This is a wonderful new expansion for a site that already is one of the hubs for everything PUBG esports. It should be noted that the site is running separate tournaments for each region. That means four tournaments and four different rosters. It is insanely simple to do, which is true. This begs the questions, what players provide the best value in each region? For those who want to join, be sure to click the link attached to this text!


Image Courtesy of @PUBGEsports on Twitter

Asura at $15,000 

Pio and Inonix may get most of the hype, but Asura provides sneaky value at $15,000. He is one of those rare third fraggers who on any given week can be Gen.G’s second best player. He is someone who can do everything a team needs which raises his ceiling and gives him a rather high floor. At the end of PCS5, Asura may be one of the biggest values.

Mamu at $15,000

While Mingz at $20,000 is an interesting value, Mamu at $15,000 is the better value of the two PeRo players. Mamu is either the third or fourth best player on PeRo, but he has the potential to be the second best player on a given week. His scenario is very similar to Asura, a team with good odds to win and good frag potential.

Americano at $5,000

This is the one to be most skeptical. Technically, according to scrims dating back to last week, he hasn’t played with them. Though if he does play, the potential value is immense. The former FarmPC player was a statistical monster during his tenure in Japan. That should give people enough reason to consider him. He could be the steal of this event, or he could potentially just not play.

Silky at $5,000

There is likely to be a glitch here because this value should be illegal. Despite recently being signed to Damwon KIA, Silky is listed as participating in scrims and in the Battlegrounds Smash Cup. In the games he played in he performed well too. If he is in fact playing, which seems highly likely, his skill plus the financial flexibility he provides is paramount. He becomes a must add on any roster.


Image Courtesy of @PUBGEsports on Twitter

Rustanmar/D1gg3r1 at $20,000

While ENCE does not always get the wins necessary, they always get frags. While Skuijke costs more, the duo of Rustanmar and D1gg3r1 has better value. Both players have insane fragging potential and they have the history to prove it. D1gg3rI lead the team in kills at PGI.S and during PCS4. Meanwhile, Rustanmar produced massive frag totals during ESL Summer, PCS4 and PGI.S. ENCE may not win the tournament, but these guys will get their stats come hell or high water.

Curexi at $15,000

Heroic newest addition showed up once already. During PCS5 Qualifiers, he finished the Western Europe qualifier with the seventh most kills of any player. That bodes well given Heroic’s history of massive frag totals, see ESL Spring and PCS4. If they continue their trend of fragging out, Curexi could produce massive totals.


Image Courtesy of @PUBGEsports on Twitter

Zealot at $15,000

The potential value this spot presents cannot be undersold. Wildcard Gaming finished third in the NA Group Stage, and Zealot finished with 21 kills. Even during PCS4, Zealot led his team with 31 kills. He has the potential to produce a good amount of kills if those recent performances continue. If you want a less pricey option to supplement other players, Zealot is an ideal choice.


Image Courtesy of @PUBGEsports on Twitter

Duckmanz at $15,000

Made In Thailand had their best performance all year we they won the Thailand Open to qualify for PCS5. That win came in no short part because of Duckmanz’s outstanding performance. His 34 kills lead his team and the entire tournament. With Daytrade and Fury players costing so much Duckmanz is the perfect player to fill in your rosters hole.

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