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PUBG: The Fast and Deadly P18C Pistol


In PUBG there are many different side arm options that you can carry throughout the game. Pistols are usually the first pick up to fend off people that drop near you toward the beginning of the match. Besides that, they are dropped rather quickly to make room for more ammo or to be replaced by a different side arm. The P18C is your best option when it comes to pistols, and you should consider keeping it by your side.

The P18C Pistol

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This pistol may be the lowest damaging pistol in the game, but that is a small con in comparison to all of the pros that come with it. This pistol has a fully automatic function that can turn it into a lead spraying machine. It has the highest damage per second out of all of the pistols and it can quickly catch an opponent off guard.

The P18C has a base hit damage of 23, compared to the UMP submachine gun which has a base damage of 39. It can be used similarly to a submachine gun and is extremely effective at close range. This gun can be used in place of a submachine gun if the player chooses to do so. It holds 9mm rounds, so ammo is easy to find. It is perfect to use as a quick shot instead of reloading your primary in a close range, high-risk shootout.

The Best Strategy

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When it comes to this pistol, the best strategy comes from luring in enemies and tricking them with the fast-firing full auto. Players that have picked up good weapons, from shotguns to assault rifles, will almost always hunt down a player who is noticeably wielding a pistol. Your best option with the P18C is lure in opponents making them think that you have a weak pistol. Then switch to full auto and let them have it. The fast rate of fire will either drop them in a mag, or send them running low on health. You can then switch to primary and finish the job.

The P18C is most effective inside of buildings due to the close-range nature of the weapon. It can be deadly indoors, especially with its spread.

Overcoming the Cons

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The biggest con of this gun is the recoil. It has one of the highest recoil rates in the game, and can be hard to control for an inexperienced player. Luckily, this rate can be lowered with attachments, and the P18C gives you a lot of options. It can use all three pistol mags, and it has an option for a suppressor, laser sight, and red dot sight. A fully upgraded P18C can rival a primary and its ammo capacity goes from 17 to 25. It works very similarly to a Vector on full auto when it is fully upgraded.

The recoil rate was also slightly decreased in update 23 due to player feedback, so it becomes an even more viable option.

Always remember that pistols can be a valuable asset in PUBG, especially the PI8C. Winning a Chicken Dinner often comes down to tight battles. Knowing the right weapon and the right way to use it can be the difference in combat.

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