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The PUBG Nations Cup 2019

PUBG Nations Cup

The big weekend has finally come and gone as the PUBG Nations Cup showed what countries are the strongest at PUBG. All of the countries gave it their all, but some clearly stood out more than others. Some fans were very surprised with outcomes that a lot of people didn’t expect. Players and countries alike made names for themselves over the weekend, and they will be looking to carry their pride back into their individual leagues. Who came out on top of the PUBG Nations Cup?

The PUBG Nations Cup Kicks Off

PUBG Nations Cup
Image courtesy of @PUBGEsports on Twitter

The PUBG Nations Cup kicked off fast on day one with a big opening win for Vietnam. They came in with a huge 16-kill win as they wiped out multiple teams that were converging on the hills of Miramar. Their win was followed by a smaller five-kill win for Australia. They were at odds with China, but their use of the hilly cover gave them the upper hand.

Match three saw Russia step up and get an eight-kill Chicken Dinner. Team USA was close to sealing the win, but Russia held them off. After that, Thailand came in and took a big win with 10 kills. They had been performing in every match, and now they finally picked up the win they were looking for. The final match of the day went to Canada as they wiped Argentina on a mountain in Erangel. Day one was full of big performances, so who steps up on day two?

Day Two

PUBG Nations Cup
Image courtesy of @TheJakerPUBG on Twitter

The next day started off with another win for Canada, coming off of their big performance in day one. With their new-found momentum, they will be looking to keep putting points up on the board. Team Chinese Taipei came in with their first win in the second match of the day. They secured a solid 11 kills as they finished off Russia and Turkey in the military base.

The next three matches of day two went to USA, who finally grasped their first win, like Japan and Thailand. Thailand’s win was all thanks to a huge performance by DUCKMANZ who took on three opponents without letting them overcome him. Who is going to take home all of the glory on the final day?

The Final Day

The final day of the PUBG Nations Cup opened up with another big win for Canada. They took down South Korea using hay-bales as cover. Japan then stepped up with their second win in the second match. They held off a strong South Korea to secure vital points in these final matches. They were then followed with a win for Russia who finally found another win following their big performances in day one. This landed them in second place with their eyes firmly on first.

PUBG Nations Cup
Image courtesy of @PUBGEsports on Twitter

With only two matches remaining, tensions were high between all of the teams. Match four was swept away by Germany who picked up their first win. This win was huge for them because it gave them the boost they needed. They have been earning major points throughout, keeping them close to the top, but this win gave them exactly what they needed. The final match then saw another huge win for the Germans. Their momentum from the last match was just what they needed to take another Chicken Dinner.

However, this win wasn’t enough to rally them to the top. Team Russia finished on top after getting two Chicken Dinners, a second and third place finish, two fourth place finishes and a whole lot of kills. Team Russia is going home with the PUBG Nations Cup.

The PUBG Nations Cup Champions

With Russia taking the win, they were followed by South Korea in second, Canada in third and Vietnam in fourth. Congratulations to Team Russia for the big win and to all of the teams that put in so much effort to make this a great competition.

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Featured image courtesy of @PUBGEsports on Twitter

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