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The PUBG Crossbow: Silent and Deadly


In PUBG, one of the most important skills is the ability to stay quiet. If you are able to keep yourself hidden from the competition, it is more likely that you can get the jump on them and earn the kill. Suppressors are very helpful when it comes to keeping your weapon quiet, but it doesn’t eliminate all of the sound. The only way to remain completely unheard is with the Crossbow.

The Silent Killer

Image courtesy of PUBG Corp.

The Crossbow is one of the most underrated weapons in PUBG, due to the fact that many players don’t know what to do if they get their hands on one. It is easy to pass it up if you drop into a high-volume area, but picking it up might actually be your best option. The Crossbow can be extremely lethal, especially in the early phases of the game.

The first pro for the Crossbow is the fact that it is the one true silent weapon in the game. Firing the bolt makes no sound whatsoever, and can easily keep your position hidden. If you are looking to remain hidden, even with a missed shot, the Crossbow will keep you in the shadows.

At close range, the Crossbow is lethal. One bolt to an unarmored enemy will drop them instantly and without a trace. Even with body armor, the Crossbow will still put an enemy down to critical health, and a well-placed shot could still kill them. For instance, if an enemy is trying to escape you and is fully armored, a well-placed shot in their butt could put them down.

Image courtesy of PC Gamer

The Crossbow is a headshot machine. If you are a good aim, a headshot will instantly kill an enemy wearing up to a level two helmet. Even a headshot on a level three helmet will cause immense damage. This is especially useful when you are scrambling for weapons at the beginning of the game and people are running around unarmored. This gets you a few quick kills and a silent escape.


The Cons of the Crossbow

Image courtesy of PUBG Wiki

The downsides of the Crossbow are its range and reload speed. Even though it is dangerous at close range, if an enemy is over 50 meters away the speed and drop will decrease your damage or even miss completely. The only redeeming quality there is that a miss still won’t be heard.

The reload speed is one of the slowest in the game and it only has the ability to fire one bolt at a time. If you miss a shot and are spotted by an enemy, you will most likely be eaten up with bullets before you can pull another bolt out of the quiver.

Stay Quiet, Win the Game

All in all, the Crossbow is a weapon that should not be passed up as often as it is. If you are feeling confident in your aiming abilities, the Crossbow could be your savior in the beginning phases of the match, or the tight endings that so many players get into. Even if it isn’t your first choice, the Crossbow can make a great ally to other weapons and may even win you a Chicken Dinner in the dying minutes of a match. Don’t miss out on the Crossbow.

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Featured image courtesy of PUBG Wiki

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