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The NPL in the PUBG Nations Cup


The PUBG Nations Cup rosters have been finalized as the national teams prepare for the competition. The National PUBG League has a huge showing in this cup, as many of the players have been assigned to their nation’s teams. Players have worked extremely hard during the first two phases and they have earned their spots. All of their hard work has paid off, and they will get to show the rest of the world why they are the best. Who made it in from the National PUBG League?

The National PUBG League

Image courtesy of @PUBGEsports on Twitter

To recap the National PUBG League so far this year, you could use two words. Those words would be Tempo Storm. TS dominated phase one and then fought hard for another win in phase two. They had a great showing in the first national event, and they will be sure to come up strong in the GLL Grand Slam. They know how to work together, get wins, and put up good amounts of kills. Their players will be valuable in the PUBG Nations Cup.

Other teams like Cloud9, The Rumblers and Ghost Gaming all also performed well, but the national teams were very selective, and only the best get in. A select few from Ghost and Cloud9 will be taking the stage alongside their nation. SpaceStation, formerly Why Tempt Fate, also performed very well in phase one and two, so some of their players could be vital to their nation of origin. All of these teams can get the job done as long as they are in the right mindset. So who are the players that are going to compete on the world level?

Team USA

National PUBG League
Image courtesy of Liquipedia

The two main teams that will be including players from the National PUBG League are Team USA and Team Canada. Their teams are fully stacked with NPL players. Team USA consists of: Sharky from Tempo Storm, Zanpah from Tempo Storm, Valliate from SpaceStation, and Bahawaka from SpaceStation. Jabroni from Ghost Gaming will be the coach of the team. With this Tempo Storm/SpaceStation combo, Team USA will be sure to make an impact. These four players exceeded expectations in the National PUBG League, so they may shock the world.

Team Canada

National PUBG League
Image courtesy of @PUBGEsports

Team Canada is looking just as strong as Team USA. Their roster will consist of: Kaymind from Cloud9, Drassel from Ghost Gaming, Meluke from Tempo Storm, and Moody from Team Envy. All of these players know what it takes to take a game away from the competition, especially Meluke from Tempo Storm. Ghost and Cloud9 also headed up the leaderboards in the NPL, so Drassel and Kaymind will be looking to come out on top. These team will, without a doubt, know how to stand their ground against the completion. This team will be coached by Lazarus’ didz.

With all of this power on each side, Team USA and Canada will be forces to be reckoned with. The National PUBG League has produced some great players, and now they can show how all of their hard work is going to pay off.

The PUBG Nations Cup will be held August 9-11 in Seoul. Tune in for more PUBG coverage.


Featured image courtesy of @PUBGEsports on Twitter.

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