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The New PUBG Motor Glider


Something big just ran its course on the PUBG Test Servers. A whole new form of transportation is coming to PUBG, and it may change the way a lot of people play the game. The Motor Glider is an all new vehicle coming to the game. It allows players to take flight and reach heights that they never could have before. Now that it has come and gone from the test servers, what do we know about this new, high flying machine?

The Motor Glider

Image courtesy of PUBG Corp

The Motor Glider was available in PUBG Labs from December 19 to December 29. Players got their chance to test out this new machine, and see how they would like it in game. This new vehicle can transport two people at a time, and is your best option to get to the zone without any interruption. Once you hit the speed of 70 km per hour on the ground, you can hit the skies. The Motor Glider allows you to lock acceleration, so you can focus on other things while you are flying.

One other fun feature of the Motor Glider is the front rotor. This rotor is just as dangerous as a real one when it is running. If used correctly, you could mow down an opponent with this spinning razor blade. But be careful; you could take out yourself or your friends as well.

Heading to the Skies

Image courtesy of HappyGamer

While in the air, you passenger will be able to take shots from above. This brings a whole new threat to the game. Players from the ground can target the engine and tires to bring it down. However, even with the engine destroyed, the pilot can glide safely to ground and hope that no one is there waiting to finish the job.

The engine will work similarly to all others, but it will consume gas faster as you throttle up. You may have to land to refuel if you are looking to stay in the sky for a longer amount of time. You will need to pay attention to this, especially due to the fact that there is no limit to the altitude you can reach. Many players will be ready to use the capabilities of the Motor Glider to avoid conflict as long as possible.

Bringing Changes

Image courtesy of PUBG Corp

Now that the Motor Glider has run its test course, the feedback has been sent in. Players who had the chance to test it will be eager to see its return. Its reception was positive, as many players would like to see more options like this for the future of PUBG. With this being the first flying option added to the game, it is likely that we will one day see more. Now that players can reach places that they never could before, exploration will be at a new high. If the Motor Glider is officially added in the near future, it could be a game changer for causal players. This could also lead to a possibility of it being added to professional play in the future.

Be ready to hit the skies with the Motor Glider. Tune in for more coverage of PUBG.


Featured image courtesy of PUBG Corp

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