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The New 2020 PUBG Continental Series

PUBG Continental

The PUBG Global Series in Berlin has been officially cancelled due to the ongoing issue of the COVID-19 global pandemic. PUBG Esports has announced a new, all online competition that is going to allow the years’ Esports to continue in a safe manner. The PUBG Continental Series will pit teams from the same continents against each other. This will take away global battles for now, but teams will get to battle for dominance against their own neighbors.

Compensation for Qualifiers

PCS Continental

Image courtesy of PUBG Corp

Fans will be happy to know that they won’t have to go the rest of the year without any PUBG competition, and the teams that had already qualified for the PGS Berlin are going to be compensated. The 21 teams that have already qualified for Berlin will be getting $20,000 each. This consists of the teams from PGC 2019, Europe, Asia Pacific, Korea and Japan. Next up, the top five teams from the ongoing Chinese qualifiers will get $20,000 as well.

In the Americas region where the qualifiers have not taken place, there will be $120,000 given for the top six seeds. This money will go to the 16 teams that had made it into the finals. All of these teams from around the world have worked very hard to get to where they are now, so their hard work will not go unnoticed for the time being.

The New Competition

PCS Continental
Image courtesy of @PUBGEsports on Twitter

On to the new competition, the PUBG Continental Series. This new series will take place over the course of May, June and August. It will bring a lot of new battles to the table, giving fans all over the fighting that they have been waiting for. This competition is split up into four regions. The first region will be Asia, where teams from Korea, Japan, China and Chinese Taipei will face off. Next up will be Asia Pacific which will host teams from Southeast Asia and Oceania.

Europe and North America will be the final two of the four, hosting a score of teams from those areas. Between these four regions, $2,400,000 is split up in the prize pool, with a whole lot of glory to be won. Alongside all of this, there will also be PCS Charity Showdowns that will be occurring in May. These will be invitational events that will bring in a new source of entertainment with many possible new faces. Each tournament will have a prize pot/donation fund of $200,000. Half of that will go to the participating teams, while the other half will go to a charity of the winning team’s choice.

Looking Forward

PUBG Update
Image courtesy of PUBG Corp

This new online competition is going to be a lot different than what fans and players already know. However, it is much better than nothing happening at all. Keep your eyes peeled for all of these upcoming competitions. Be sure to cheer on your teams from the safety of your home. With this PUBG have also announced that they will be announcing future plans at a later date this year, so this won’t be all the fun that fans have coming to them.

Tune in again for more coverage of PUBG Esports, and stay safe.


Featured image courtesy of @PUBGEsports on Twitter

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