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The National PUBG League Contenders: Phase Two Week Four

National PUBG League

Now that the National PUBG League has come to a close, it’s time for the contenders to take the main stage in week four of their competition. The teams have been fighting hard to earn their chance to fight for promotion, and it’s time for them to finish strong. Soniqs have a massive gap between them and second place, so who will step up and rival their power in this final week?

Match One

National PUBG League

Image courtesy of @TheGodSquadPUBG on Twitter

The first match of week four kicked off with a very solid win for God Squad. They took 13 kills away from the game and earned a very important Chicken Dinner. Their full team swarmed in on The Happy Campers, who only had two members remaining. They easily swept them away and earned some very important points.

Match Two

Match two was a hard fought one, but in the end, Trifecta took the glory. With 12 kills, they took out Zenith and claimed the Chicken Dinner. Zenith gave it their all, using a flurry of grenades and the cover of rocks to their advantage, but Trifecta’s pushing force was too much for them. Trifecta is trying their hardest to fight for promotion.

Match Three

The third match of the day saw a familiar face take the win. Soniqs came in yet again and picked up a 14-kill Chicken Dinner. They have been a force to be reckoned with in the National PUBG League Contenders and it looks like no one can slow them down. They continue to pull away and they have sealed their spot at number one. Now all that’s left are the other teams that have to fight to qualify under Soniqs.

Match Four

National PUBG League
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Finally, phase two of the contenders came to a close. Lowkey, who have been fighting hard to prove their worth in this competition, took the win. Their win has solidified their second-place position. They claimed eight kills as they finished off Elevate in the final moments. It could have gone either way in an open grass field on Erangel, but Lowkey’s precision took the cake.




The Final Results

National PUBG League
Image courtesy of @PUBGEsports on Twitter

The results have finally been revealed. Soniqs took the top spot with a massive 200 points. They were followed by Lowkey with 125, God Squad with 106, Shook with 103 and Vicious Gaming with 98. These five teams will be joined by Elevate, Trifecta, Leggo Your Ego, Zenith and Comets in the NPL phase two relegation matches. They will be battling it out against the bottom six from the top league. This will be their chance to move up in competition.

The bottom six teams from the National PUBG League are Excelerate, Simplicity, Wildcard, BMG, Smokin Aces Red and Pecadores. They are going to have to fight for their lives with teams as strong as Soniqs and Lowkey hungry for a chance at promotion. Soniqs have stood out so much in this competition. As a result, it is almost guaranteed that they will win promotion if they continue to perform as strongly as they have.

Who is going to come out on top in the relegation matches? Tune in again for more coverage of the National PUBG League.

Featured image courtesy of @PUBGEsports on Twitter

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