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The National PUBG League Contenders: Phase Two Relegation

National PUBG League

Now that all of the main competitions in the National PUBG League have come to a close, it’s time for the relegation matches. The contender’s relegation matches are first up, and the top 10 teams from the NPL Open are eager to make their way into the league. The battles are going to be intense as new faces look to break onto the scene, and current players try their hardest to stay in the game.

Day One

National PUBG League

Image courtesy of @PUBGEsports on Twitter

Match one opened up with a big win for newcomers, San Diego Rarity. They claimed six kills as they fought off Noble on the hills of Miramar. They will be looking to continue this form and aim for a promotion. Their win was followed by a Chicken Dinner for Almost who are fighting hard to stay in the contenders. They took nine kills as they fought their way through a smoke barrage in the end of the match and finished off the Head Hunters.

The third match of the day was claimed by another newcomer, Velocity9. They tried to break into double digits with their kills, but couldn’t grab it. Velocity9 finished with an eight kill Chicken Dinner as they fought through yet another smoke barrage. They will also be looking to keep up their pace and be a constant contender for the rest of the weekend.

The rest of the day saw wins for Northern Survivors, Work In Progress and Pros Don’t Snake. All of the newcomers are making a name for themselves with impressive performances across the board. Day two will consist of six more matches to see who will be able to take the top and move up.

Day Two

National PUBG League
Image courtesy of @AlmostPUBG on Twitter

Almost claimed another Chicken Dinner on the first match of day two. They took away 12 kills using smoke and kills to their advantage in the end of the match. M1ME’s rampage set them up for their second win of the weekend. Their win was followed by one for Work In Progress, who also added to their tally from day one. They had 14 kills to their name as they crawled through the grass to finish it.

Match three ended in a Chicken Dinner for YellowPike. They have been working hard to jump up the table and avoid relegation. The circle was closing in quickly, but they held strong and finished San Diego Rarity off in a firefight. They were followed by another big win for Almost, who added 13 more kills to their tally. They continued to plow through the competition as they took yet another win in the second to last match.

NPLC Promotion

National PUBG League
Image courtesy of @PUBGEsports on Twitter

The final match went to Tier8, but it wasn’t enough to earn them promotion. Almost, San Diego Rarity, Work In Progress, Pros Don’t Snake, The Happy Campers and Noble Esports will all be continuing on to the contenders in phase three. They have all fought hard, and this will be eager to prove their worth in phase three. YellowPike, Halocline and Ripe Army will not be moving on to phase three as they will be dropped from the National PUBG League Contenders.

Congratulations to the newly promoted teams. Tune in again for more coverage of the National PUBG League.


Featured image courtesy of @PUBGEsports on Twitter

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