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The Four-Wheeled Vehicles of PUBG


There is always a conversation about what weapons are the best in PUBG, or what tactics are the best to use. People have their preferences, but some loadouts are truly better than others. Sometimes you need to look away from the guns and see what you best route of escape is. This is where vehicles come into play. There are many new variants of vehicles as PUBG has come along, but which one out of the four-wheel variants is the best one for you? Airdrop vehicles will be left out of this comparison due to their rarity and lateness in the game.

The Originals

Image courtesy of Gamepedia

The most common finds in PUBG are the UAZ, Buggy and Dacia. No matter where you are on the original maps, you can find one of these. Because of this, these are secondhand to players, and are used very often. All of them are very similar, but some are a little stronger than the others. The UAZ has two variations, closed or opened top. The closed top has a faster top speed at 115 km/h, compared to the 105 km/h. They both have the same amount of health, so it all comes down to speed between those two.

Taking on Terrain

Image courtesy of PUBG Corp

The buggy is a little slower, but it can get through tough terrain a lot easier. It clocks in at 100 km/h, but has handling that is off the charts. When you are looking to head into the mountains, you better saddle up a buggy and take on the terrain.

The biggest downfall of the buggy is its open frame. You’ll need to be crafty to avoid shots from the players you pass by. The Dacia is faster by a long shot, coming in at 139 km/h. You can blow past enemies in this one, but you might lose control in the process. Its handling is very bad, and off-road, you’d be better off running. Each of these four have their advantages and you can pick which one up want to take to the battlefield, it all comes down to your driving ability and choice of terrain.

Map Specialties

Image courtesy of PUBG Corp

Other maps have various replacements that you could hop in and take to the road. One of the fastest ones is the Mirado. It is the fastest car in the game, picking up a speed of 152 km/h. You can only grab this car if you are playing on Miramar, but it is a fun one to run down players in. Its only downfall is similar to the Dacia, it can’t travel well off-road. Miramar also hosts the Minibus, which has the most health out of any vehicle in the game. It can also hold the most people with six seats. It is perfect for pulling up and ambushing squads with everyone packed in. The Pickup Truck takes the place of the UAZ, boasting the same off-road abilities at a slower pace.

Sanhok also has its UAZ replacement, the Rony. It is great for running through the jungle in a fast pace, but it is very likely that it will flip on a sharp turn. Use it to your advantage, but be careful when you’re twisting away from your opponents.

Which four wheeled machine best fits your playstyle? Tune in for more coverage of PUBG.


Featured image courtesy of PUBG Corp

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