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Survey Says: July 2021 PUBG Coaches Global Team Ranking

PUBG as an esport has continued evolution. In regions like Asia, new teams are constantly on the rise to challenge the old guard. Meanwhile in the Americas, the same teams tend to battle it out. That begs the question, what teams are really the best in the world? With plenty of time in between PCS events, there was no better time to measure that.

Everyone has their own rankings, but it felt like there needed to be something new for rankings. Enter, the PUBG Global Coaches Poll. Coaches from across the world submitted their entries for the top ten teams in the world. Instead of fans groveling about who is the best, it felt like time to ask the coaches. Without further adieu, here are the rankings the coaches created.

I’d like to thank every coach that kindly participated in the survey and I hope to add more in the future.

First Four Out

Fury (15 Points)

NaVi (16 Points)

FaZe (17 Points)

Oath (19 Points)

10. Gen. G (22 Points)

How the mighty have fallen. After long being considered the best team in the world. Gen.G had their roughest year ever. Their PCS struggles are almost synonymous with them at this point. They never finished top four in a single PCS event. Something always seems off. Yet if you get them to an international LAN, they will have a shot to win. The odds of the latter are slowly slipping, so keep your eyes on this team.

9. Buriram United Esports (26 Points)

The proverbial kings of APAC continued their reign again after another stellar PCS performance. It was so close that it came down to a final fight that they were not involved in. Despite that Buriram is a world-class team of fraggers. If people do not watch APAC, just know this one name, Noadra. He led the event in kills after a stellar PGI.S performance in March. He may enter the top players in the world conversation soon, he is that good.

8. Ghibli Esports (34 Points)

While Gen.G flailed during PCS4, Ghibli Esports nearly took the entire tournament. The former VLRU Ghibli/GPS Ghibli team always had the juice, but could never get within range of winning a big event. The addition of Adder did wonders for this team. Free of T1, look for Adder to establish himself as a reliable second option for any team.

7. MultiCircle Gaming (38 Points)

They may not be the best team in China at the moment, but they sure are the most consistent. In two PCS events, they finished first and fourth. They consistently perform in Chinese events. Most importantly though, they finished fifth at PGI.S. It is yet to see if this team has staying power or if they will pull a 2020 Tianba, but my money is on the former. With Summer IGLing and a trio of mad man fraggers at his side, this team is pretty good.

6. Four Angry Men (40 Points)

Much like Gen.G, 4AM seems to have an issue with PCS events. They just can not seem to break the glass ceiling there. It’s been self-inflicted at times, see PCS 2, but this team has the talent to win an event. They can easily win events in China and blow the other teams away. During the past two global championships, 4AM entered the final game in first place, only needing a good performance to win. Instead, both times they fell flat on their face and lost out. Can they fix those issues to finally get the crown they have been chasing.

5. TSMFTX (47 Points)

The rankings return to NA to talk about one of the most beloved teams in all of PUBG. Much like 4AM, they are dominant in regional performances. Also like 4AM, they don’t win a lot. The difference though is TSMFTX is always in the leading pack during an event. PurdyKurty, Luke12, Penta, aLow & Gunner are a team that have such good teamwork and fragging ability that anytime they win it is not surprising. I would write more but they may throw a molotov at me… and they don’t miss those.

4. Team Liquid (51 Points)

The first European entry inside this top 10 are the remarkably consistent Team Liquid. While they have not won a PCS event, they did finish second in three of them. Aside from PCS events, they are consistent within the region and put up a decent performance at PGI.S. Clib continued his stellar performances during PCS4 and the rest of the roster was not far behind. With a few more good performances they will be at PGC at the end of the year, Then, they can go for redemption.

3. Petrichor Road (73 Points)

After months of being an afterthought when it came to winning PCS events, PeRo finally took the next step. Axileft was brilliant as always, what made the difference was the supporting cast. Myl had the tournament of his life, putting up 51 kills and pulling off numerous clutches to win PeRo games. Grayyyyy and Mamu, while not as prolific, had their important moments as well. Heading into PCL Summer, it will be interesting to see if the dominance continues or will they be swallowed whole by the depth of the region.

2. Soniqs (106 Points)

Soniqs are not number one? Yes, as strange as it seems, the collective of coaches voted one team over Soniqs by a grand total of two points. An argument can be made for both of the top two teams, especially the three-time PCS & PGI.S champions. TGLTN is now firmly in the conversation for best player in the world, if not already being it. When he is alive he is one of the few force multipliers PUBG has and boy do Soniqs know how to use him. Despite people contesting them, Soniqs continue to edge out the wins. Whether that will change or not is the question?

1. Virtus.Pro (108 Points)


Much like Soniqs, Virtus.Pro have run the European scene for over a year now. With a trophy case that includes 3 PCS titles and an innumerable amount of top-three finishes, they are the real deal. Despite a solid tenth-place finish at PGI.S, they were unlucky and likely should have finished higher. They seemingly turned that frustration into motivation though. Lu, spyrro, Perfect1ks & BatulinS frag their brains out and have outstanding team play. Oh, and their clutch factor is undeniable….just check out the clip above.

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