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(Sources) Gen.G to Overhaul Their PUBG Roster

Gen.G will likely be fielding almost an entirely new PUBG roster in 2022 according to sources familiar to the situation and The Game Haus.


Ahead of the retirement of superstar player Cha “Pio” Seung-hoon, sources familiar with the situation shared the likely starting roster for the former World Champions in 2022. In Pio’s stead, the team would be bringing in former Gen.G and ATA LAVEGA player Han “maczora” Dae-kyu into the team. The superstar fragger spent four months in 2019 before Gen.G signed Pio. That is not the only move though they are making though.

Additionally, sources claim that Go “Esther” Jeong-won will be removed from the team & Jo “Asura” Sang-won will move into a playing coach role. In their steads, sources said that Ghibli Esports players Lee “Spear” Dong-su & Seo “Renba” Jae-young will be replacing them. Their additions would leave Na “Inonix” Hee-joo as the only remaining player from the 2021 roster.

The Significance

Inonix Gen.G PUBG

Image Courtesy of Krafton

By all regards, Pio was the greatest player in PUBG history. His departure from the scene is a shockwave felt at every level of PUBG. Gen.G will be affected, Korea as a whole and even the global stage. Pio is the face of PUBG and his departure signals the end of an era.

All the surrounding moves are significant as well. Maczora has been one of the most talented players in Korea during the latter half of 2021. His return made all too much sense. Additionally, swapping two players out for the Ghibli Esports duo was not surprising. Asura and Esther were underwhelming during their tenures despite their moments. The additions of Renba and Spear provide a strong, reliable core to pair with Inonix and Maczora now.

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