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PUBG: What Changes Could Come to Vikendi?


With PUBG’s newest map, Karakin, in, Vikendi has gone out. Vikendi is going to be under construction and unavailable for a while as it undergoes some massive changes. It isn’t very clear what the changes to the map are going to be, but there are a whole lot of options out there. When Erangel got its revamp, it felt like a whole new map. Vikendi may come out of this as a new favorite for some, so what could change?

Dino Park Additions

Image courtesy of @PUBGEsports on Twitter

One of the biggest changes that came in the major update to Erangel was the rework of buildings in general. Vikendi has a lot of very cool environments, so a breath of fresh air might make them even more interesting. One of the biggest areas on the map is the Dino Park. It has been one of the selling points of the map since the day it came out. While it is very fun now, some additions could make it even more interesting. With there being rides in the park, it would be interesting if they began to move. Moving rides, such as the roller-coaster or bumper cars, could add a fun aspect of moving cover, or even a means of getting a jump on your opponents. With this, it would also be interesting to see the dinosaurs come to life in robotic form..

Exclusive Items

Image courtesy of PUBG Corp

Vikendi has played host to a lot of exclusive items, from weapons to vehicles. This update could send those items to other maps, and possibly bring in items from other maps. It would be interesting to see the motor glider take flight over the snowy terrain and give players the chance to get to areas that they have never seen before. The new sticky bomb from Karakin would be a very interesting addition. Not only would it bring a new level of strategy to Vikendi, but it would also pave the way for big changes to the buildings.

Building Revamp

The buildings of Vikendi could use some shaking up. A lot of them feel the same, which is a problem that newer maps seem to always have. Some new building forms would add a new sense of urgency for players who dive in looking for loot. The layout that they are used to would be few and far between. This would lead players to adopt new overall strategies and looting routes. It would also be nice to see the buildings become destructible like Karakin, so nowhere would be safe.

New Weather

Image courtesy of PUBG Wiki

Finally, more weather events would add even more depth to the map. The lights in the sky and occasional snow are fun cosmetic events, but it would be interesting to see some terrain changes. There could be extremely icy days that left all of the water on the map completely frozen, therefore eliminating water crossing. This could also leave some doors frozen shut, forcing you to change up your plans. Deeper snow could also be an interesting occurrence that would make movement slower, and make it easier to lay down and hide. Both of these would lead to very different, new gameplay experiences.

No matter what come with this update, players are sure to be excited. Tune in again for more coverage of PUBG.

Featured image courtesy of PUBG Wiki

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