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PUBG Update 7.1: The Return of Vikendi

PUBG Update

After a long time of being sidelined for a revamp, Vikendi has returned for PUBG players to explore and engage in battle. Vikendi now has a whole new look, with new places to explore, and massive changes to the original key locations. Being a favorite of many, Vikendi will be welcomed with open arms. PUBG Update 7.1 is bringing all of these changes to the table with many other new features alongside Vikendi’s redo. What all does this update have to offer?

Trains All Over

PUBG Update

Image courtesy of @PUBG on Twitter

With Vikendi being back, one of the biggest changes is that there will now be trains moving around tracks on the map. These trains will make temporary stops along their paths, and this will give you a great opportunity to hitch a ride into the circle, or maybe find some strong loot to help you in your battle. Snow cover has been reduced on the Southern end of the island, so you may need to ditch that snowy gillie suit if the ring is forcing you into these dry areas of the map.

Snowbikes and Snowmobiles are no more. Replacing them, Motorcycles and Motorcycles with sidecars can now be found on this snowy map. This change is due to the change in terrain on the map. The snow-based vehicles would not move as well with these changes. With this, there will only be two weathers on the map. It will either be clear, or snowy on Vikendi, getting rid of the old moonlight mode.

Revamped Key Locations

PUBG Update
Image courtesy of @PUBG on Twitter

The most noticeable changes will be in some of the key areas on the map. Dino Park, a very popular location, has been completely changed. There are many more buildings to explore, and even a roller-coaster that circles around the volcano. This park is now much bigger. It will be even more popular than usual, due to all of the new things to see. Next up, there is an all new cargo depot that has been added. It will offer much more cover than the original forest that was in its place.

Volnova now has a much denser town in its place. You will be able to find much more loot and cover. The scarce town is being replaced with a town littered with cars and crates. The large church town, Abbey, has been moved to the base of Mount Kreznik. With this town being remastered, two have been removed. Tovar and Movatra are no longer locations on the map. Be sure to hop on and see all of these changes for yourself. Vikendi may feel like a whole new experience.

A New Sniper

PUBG Update
Image courtesy of @PUBG on Twitter

With this new map, comes a new weapon. The Mosin-Nagant, a clone of the Kar98k, is being dropped into Vikendi and Erangel. This variation will give players a new choice without forcing them to learn an entirely new weapon. The Cold Front Survivor Pass is also kicking off, and it will give players a lot of incentive to perform well on the new Vikendi. There will be all sorts of new items themed around the snowy map. Drop into the all new Vikendi, and give it a run for a Chicken Dinner.

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Featured image courtesy of PUBG Corp

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